Tulip apps let stores and shoppers keep in touch during lockdown

  • April 15, 2020
  • imc

Canadian mobile app provider Tulip has launched two features to help retailers expand their current clienteling capabilities and capture incremental sales as retailers navigate through this period of disruption.

Earlier this year, Apple partner Tulip launched LiveConnect, a mobile app enabling shoppers and store staff to connect over social messaging platforms. LiveConnect allows retailers to enhance their customer experience and capture incremental sales. To this, the company has added Web Chat and Remote Pay.

With Web Chat, shoppers can communicate with a store associate through the brand’s ecommerce site. Web Chat provides a digital alternative to an in-store experience as customers can connect on an individual basis with store associates and have their answers within seconds.

Remote Pay offers store staff the flexibility to continue clienteling outside the store. It helps their loyal customers purchase products remotely with payment processing functionality. Store associates can contact existing customers, build a cart on the customer’s behalf, organise delivery and process payment securely. Remote Pay lets store associates complete the customer shopping journey with quick and convenient transactions from their mobile devices.

“You have customers who want to shop, and associates who have time, but people can’t go into stores,” said Ali Asaria, CEO of Tulip. “We are working with some of our trusted customers to help them expand functionality of their existing products and find new innovations for driving sales and staying connected with their shoppers. At Tulip, we’re also doubling down on our roadmap around features we can deliver to our partners that can help them in this new world.”

These features can help retailers stay connected with their customers and drive sales during unprecedented times. They’re also designed to help brands become more agile and resilient in the future and address changing consumer behaviour beyond the pandemic.

Tulip is a mobile application provider focused on empowering associates in retail stores. Partnered with Apple, Tulip’s mission is to harness the power of mobile technology to deliver simple-to-use apps for store associates to look up products, manage customer information, check out shoppers and communicate with clients. Retailers such as Ferragamo, Mulberry, David Yurman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Kate Spade, Coach, Michael Kors and Bonobos use Tulip in their stores to elevate the shopping experience, increase sales and improve customer service.