Case Studies

Aeris’ Intelligent IoT Network Provides Cost-saving Connectivity for Wisepill Global Rollout

The Wisepill electronic pillbox relies on robust IoT connectivity to tackle the challenging problem of medication non-adherence in both developed and developing countries. Wisepill is the first digital adherence technology made available by the Global Drug Facility (GDF), an organization dedicated to increasing global access to quality-assured tuberculosis treatments and diagnostics. Through GDF, 9,000 Wisepill smart medication containers, supported by Aeris’ Intelligent IoT Network, has been made available to persons affected by tuberculosis in Ethiopia, the Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania, and Ukraine. Other high TB burden countries are expected to follow suite.

Aeris Provides Reliable Connectivity for Remote Monitoring of Solar Water Pumps

LORENTZ, the market leader in solar-powered water pumping solutions, required a reliable cellular network partner that could provide an IoT solution with end-to-end oversight and realtime access to data for customers around the globe. By utilizing Aeris’ Intelligent IoT Network, LORENTZ customers can remotely view the status of their water pumps in real time, make changes to settings, and receive alerts, regardless of device location. For agriculture customers located in extreme environments, LORENTZ solar pumps offer solutions to the challenges of improving production and sustainability while minimizing costs.

IoT Collaboration for Remote Concrete Hydration Testing

Many industries that utilize data or information are positively impacted by new developments made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT). Topping the list within these markets is modern engineering. While immediate impacts may be indirect, engineers can be assured that it will change how they design and manage building systems in the future.

Building a Sustainable Future with IoT-enabled e-Transportation

In recent years, reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to achieve a net zero future has become a higher priority than ever before. Currently, global efforts to reduce emissions are still falling short of the goals outlined in the 2015 Paris Agreement. Despite this, many countries are revising their targets to meet even more stringent goals to prevent the worst effects of long-term climate change.

Unleashing the Potential of Smart Manufacturing With 5G and IIoT

Digital technologies underpinning the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have ushered in an era of smart factories, hyper-efficiency and limitless productivity. Already, manufacturers face the pressure of fulfilling customer requirements more rapidly and with a higher degree of flexibility and customization than ever before, but traditional manufacturing models lack the agility and intelligence to meet these demands.

Mission-Critical Communication: Empowering Real-Time First Response with 5G

Across a wide array of contexts, 5G technology is opening the path for rapid communications and seamless data transfer, powering the shift to a more connected world. There are few arenas, however, where this capability is more essential than in the provision of mission-critical communications (MCX).

How wireless connectivity adds value to EV charging points

The installed base of charging points is set to hit 22.8 million in 2025 according to estimates from research firm Berg Insight, which sees the market in Europe and North America dominated by private charging points. Uptake of electric vehicles is driving trend and the firm expects approximately 1.8 million units to shipped in North America and Europe in 2025, subject to further supply chain delays caused by new variants of Covid-19.

Connected vehicles: how to select 4G/5G network access devices

As the automotive industry continues to mature, adding more connected vehicles continuously, it’s important to keep looking ahead. Vehicles, in contrast to many other items of hardware, have long active lifespans so car makers are focused a long way ahead in terms of planning their future products. How to do this effectively was a key focus in a recent Quectel webinar hosted by Manfred Lindacher, VP, Sales Automotive International at Quectel Wireless Solutions.

Marine and wildlife conservation initiatives rely on IoT to protect endangered species

Many of the most popular commercial applications in IoT have introduced capabilities that are finding applications in conservation and are being used to help to protect and manage marine and wildlife populations. Now-mature technologies such as wireless sensor networks and GPS-enabled monitoring can easily be adopted to track animals and to foster better understanding of animal behaviours. In extreme situations IoT can be a contributor to the securing the safety of endangered species that face threats from poachers.

Supply Chain Monitoring – Internet of Things Solution

The goal of this business case is to explain the Supply Chain Monitoring solution that enables the interaction of different IoT technologies to manage, monitor and control the whole delivery process of goods. Starting with the journey from the farm, through all the delivery routes, warehouses and shops onto the customer’s fork.

Increased Employee Safety – Smart Factory Solution

In a typical manufacturing/supplying product company, both management and working teams face many challenges, ranging from employee safety or security of the equipment, to minimizing the time spent on optimal use of storage space. An important aspect is also the efficiency of work, as well as the possibility of reducing the negative effects of a potential incident on the company’s premises.

Protecting Hotel Staff with Indoor Location – Panic Button Solution

Hotel employees are exposed to dangerous situations. In some US states, a law has been introduced that imposes the implementation of technical solutions that allow for locating an employee quickly in case of an emergency. The idea is to introduce ‘panic buttons’ carried by hotel staff. When the safety button is pushed, a system enables real-time location of the person in danger.