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Adopter Membership

IMC Adopters get instant access to nine content channels – eight that cover crucial vertical markets like healthcare, logistics, transportation, and manufacturing, and one that covers the IoT sector itself – as well special invitations to IMC events and discounts to the largest IoT events in the world, including CES and Hannover Messe. There is no fee for Adopter Membership! You must simply qualify as a buyer (not a seller) and provide basic contact and demographic information.

Sustaining Membership

IMC Sustainers gain access to our community of 25,000 IoT buyers for purposes of thought leadership, lead-gen, promotion, and research. Sustainer benefits include brand association with the IMC and its Board companies, leads generated from IMC events, direct mail promotion to the IoT sectors largest qualified lists, and the ability to use IMC survey platforms for your own custom research! Your company also gets a seat at the table to develop the IMC’s RFPs/Guidelines and its influential conference programs at CES and Hannover Messe.

Affiliate Membership

IMC Affiliates gain the ability to use IMC research platforms for their own projects, increased profile as moderators at IMC events, and some access to IMC data in their own work. There is no fee for Affiliate Membership – simple barter arrangements for services typically can suffice – though there may be fees attached to the use of specific, incremental services. Analysts, researchers, consultancies, and vertical-market associations typically qualify.

Complete set of RFPs and Guidelines