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The IMC brings together Adopters of connectivity technology in different vertical-markets industries–from healthcare to energy to logistics – to share results and have meaningful dialogue. IMC Adopter Members come from different disciplines, including: IT, product design and operations, to interact about deploying M2M technology — the cornerstone of the Internet of Things.

The IMC Internet of Things Library is a collection of case studies and white papers that emphasize crucial business metrics like ROI, Total Cost of Ownership, and Time to Market.

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IMC content covers over 25 vertical sectors, from retail to manufacturing.

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IMC Blog

Knowing where you are with GNSS

IMC executive editor Steve Rogerson talks with Bernd Heidtmann, product manager at U-Blox, about using GNSS for wearables and asset trackers. Until recently, GNSS was

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You are what you wear

IMC executive editor Steve Rogerson talks with Andrew Baker from Maxim about trends in wearable health devices. From smart watches to step counters on our

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Securing the Smart Car

The more connected cars get, the bigger targets for hackers and cybercriminals they become. That’s obviously a big concern in itself. No carmaker wants to sell a car that’s potentially unsafer than last year’s model. And they certainly don’t want to sell a car that can be tampered with while travelling at speed down a freeway.

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How a pandemic focuses the mind

IMC executive editor Steve Rogerson reflects on this week’s IMC IoT in Healthcare online conference. While for years the healthcare industry has been moving towards

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