Connected Industries News

Amgen accelerates bio manufacturing with genAI

US biotech major Amgen is working with AWS to build generative AI that accelerates discovery and manufacturing of new medicines for critical conditions. Amgen will also use AWS’s infrastructure [...]

Aetina partners NVIDIA on Smart Factory

Edge AI specialist Aetina has partnered Innodisk and NVIDIA to develop a Smart Factory Solution that uses NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories workflows. Aetina envisions applications for its new edge AI tech [...]

SymphonyAI launches genAI Industrial Copilots

Enterprise AI specialist SymphonyAI has launched a suite of generative AI industrial copilots to help manufacturing shopfloor workers speed operations and improve efficiency. The three role-based copilots — Plant [...]

iMerit Defect Detection for Manufacturing Robotics

iMerit has introduced a defect detection solution to accelerate AI development for manufacturing robotics applications. This application is integrated with iMerit’s Ango Hub, an end-to-end enterprise-grade technology platform that [...]

NEXCOM Smart Factory OT network security

Industrial IoT specialist NEXCOM has introduced a series of OT cybersecurity hardware designed to secure Industry 4.0 and embedded manufacturing installations. The ISA Series is a line of OT security [...]

CGG, LightOn trial industrial AI on HPC

Industrial HPC specialist CGG and AI developer LightOn are partnering to build Large Language Models for industrial purposes, including the oil and gas industries, using CGG’s industrial high performance [...]

Aerodyne expands precisionAg in SE Asia, Brazil

Drone maker Aerodyne has developed new precision agriculture applications that combine drone technology with AWS data lake and AI technologies. DRONOS is an end-to-end drone service platform that allows [...]

Siemens launches industrial private 5G solution

Siemens has developed a private 5G infrastructure allowing firms to build their own local 5G networks to support industrial automation. It is designed to support mobile robots, autonomous logistics [...]

Nokia and Aramco partner on Industry 4.0

Nokia Bell Labs, the research arm of Nokia, and Saudi oil producer Aramco are collaborating to develop advanced Industry 4.0 use cases for various industrial sectors. The two companies [...]

Telefónica, Siemens digitise Basquevolt plant

Telefónica and Siemens are working with Basquevolt, a Basque manufacturer of solid-state battery cells, to launch a prototyping line integrating various digitalisation processes. Basquevolt has awarded Telefónica the digitalisation [...]

Blues, RAKwireless streamline IIoT development

IIoT specialist Blues is partnering industrial connectivity specialist RAKwireless. Blues’ Notecard is now available across RAKwireless’ extensive portfolio of WisBlock modules, sensors and enclosures, simplifying global cellular connectivity for [...]

Continental Project “DIAZI” for Digital Factories

Continental is digitalising its entire production process for automotive components. To help achieve this, the company has formed a partner consortium with eight IT and process optimisation companies, universities [...]