Tired of going to events and not meeting enough serious IoT customers? Or generating content programs that attract your competitors, but not buyers? IMC events and content programs offers the ability to pre-qualify registrants, ether through paid access (the best qualifier of all) or user-application reviews. Our conferences top the content programs at the Consumer Electronics Show and Hannover Messe, which draw tens of thousands of IoT buyers each – easily the largest IoT gatherings in the world. And our webinars and online events routinely outpace industry standards, with hundreds of attendees and upwards of 80% qualified buyers. Finally, our IMC Membership Directory allows you to communicate with individuals from target companies directly via in-mail. Just some of the lead-gen opportunities offered to IMC Sustaining Member companies include…
  • Qualified lads from live events (like CES and Hannover Messe)
  • Qualified leads form IMC online events and webinars
  • IMC’s template RFPs/Guidelines referrals
  • The IoT Readiness Calculator widget – for your website
  • The IMC Membership Directory
Only IMC Sustainers have access to our community of 25,000 enterprise users, product makers/designers, and apps developers for purposes of lead generation. Our community covers 24 different vertical markets on every continent, and they qualify for membership as buyers of the broadest possible spectrum of IoT solutions. And we curate our membership rolls several times annually to guarantee the highest possible level of engagement.