IoT in Public Policy

Protecting Consumers: The US Cyber Trust Mark

The US administration is introducing a voluntary cyber security certification and labelling programme following pressure from consumer groups, industry bodies and politicians. The US Cyber Trust Mark will provide a cybersecurity Quality Assurance mark for consumer devices, IoT home and consumer technology.

IIJA: using IoT to transform America

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is the largest infrastructure spending programme in the United States since the Eisenhower administration. The law authorises $1.2 trillion in spending for transportation, infrastructure and smart city developments. However, the programme is facing a number of challenges that are affecting uptake of new IoT technologies across the US public sector.

Americas: IoT Public Policy Index

White House ratings for infrastructure IoT security; DOE awards $3.5bn for Grid innovation; US-Israel National Infrastructure IoT cyber initiative; NYC launches Smart City testbed; Brazil launches $340bn Internet, 5G, Infrastructure and Smart City programme

Europe: IoT Public Policy Index

EU Council agrees 'reinforced right of portability' for IoT data; EU Testing Centres for Smart Technologies; New EU cyber rules for consumer devices; EU programme to mine mobility data; Bundestag mulls accelerating Smart City programme; UK regulates medical device AI; UK Government invests £200m in e-freight; Estonia launches smart city testbed, challenge programmes

East Asia: IoT Public Policy Index

US-Singapore ASEAN partnership on Smart City AI; Japan aims for 1,500 Smart Cities by 2027; Kurayoshi City reviews Smart City Strategy; Korea go-ahead for Smart City pilots; China blocks AI and IoT open source sites; Ho-Chi-Minh City to become a Smart City by 2030; Malaysia launches $20bn industrial modernisation plan; Taiwan promotes Koahsiung as model Smart City development.

Middle East/Africa: IoT Public Policy Index

Saudi Arabia expands the size and scope of the NEOM Smart City programme; Oman unveils first of eight smart cities; Egypt expands its 2050 smart city target to 38; Morocco sets out smart green city strategy.