Smart Energy News

AWS and Innowatts use AI for energy analytics

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is helping Texas-based Innowatts use its artificial intelligence (AI) enabled SaaS platform so energy providers can leverage cloud-based, scalable data analytics. Leveraging the power and [...]

Car Charged picks KORE to connect EV charging stations

Car Charged, a UK electric vehicle (EV) charging station company with access to 65,000 charging points, has selected KORE as its IoT partner. According to research from Berg Insight, [...]

IPKeys platform unifies grid cyber security

New Jersey-based IPKeys Power Partners has released a platform to provide utilities, generators and grid operators with simple and unified cyber-security monitoring and compliance requirements. The SigmaFlow Beacon platform [...]

Stem and Copec provide smart energy in Chile

Californian AI-driven energy storage company Stem is working with South American energy firm Copec to develop a virtual power plant (VPP) and complete a smart energy storage system in [...]

OrionM2M LoRaWan links smart meters in Kazakhstan

OrionM2M is using LoRaWan technology to transmit water, electricity and gas meter readings to suppliers twice a day in Nur-Sultan, the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The developer [...]

Prisma fibre monitors IEC transmission lines

Prisma Photonics is using a system based on optical fibres to monitor Israel Electrical Corporation (IEC) transmission lines for faults and damage. PrismaPower provides alerts for different power transmission [...]

Wallbox tool increases use of renewable energy

Spanish firm Wallbox has unveiled Sirius, an energy management tool to increase the use of renewable energy in commercial buildings. Representing a shift from the traditional one-direction flow of [...]

Juice receives security certification for EV chargers

Swiss smart EV charging station maker Juice Technology has secured ISO 27001 certification for its portable EV charging stations and software. “Our robust, systematic software orientation and associated approaches [...]

AT&T aims to eliminate a Gigaton of Emissions

AT&T has set a target to help businesses collectively reduce a gigaton of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions —1 billion metric tons — by 2035. The company will work with [...]

SoCalGas to use LiDAR to reduce Methane

The Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas), the largest gas distribution utility in the United States, is using Gas Mapping LiDAR from Bridger Photonics to detect, pinpoint, and quantify methane [...]

Nextracker Smart Solar Trackers for Nevada and Indiana

Nextracker, a Californian firm that develops technology to enhance output from PV and solar energy systems, has been selected by Arevon Energy for its upcoming 1.5 gigawatt (GW) portfolio [...]

Kyocera and Nagasaki University Energy Smart Buoy

Nagasaki University and Kyocera Corporation are developing an energy harvesting smart buoy, which combines Nagasaki University’s tidal current power generation technology with Kyocera’s IoT technology to collect reliable ocean [...]