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Sweating the big stuff

Steve Rogerson looks at the advice being given to heavy equipment manufacturers thinking about using IoT technology. We hear a lot about how the IoT can impinge on our [...]

Are we swimming or drowning in IoT data?

Steve Rogerson picks through the advice he was given at this month’s IoT Tech Expo in London. Does the IoT have an image problem? I found myself asking that [...]

Could this be the answer industrial IoT has been seeking?

Steve Rogerson talks with Philip Hooker from Software AG about the project and the upcoming IMC IoT Days Fall conference One of the ongoing problems with any major [...]

What do wearables, Facebook and Formula One have in common?

Steve Rogerson looks at a small wearable technology company’s battle with Facebook and his own experience of wearable technology at the British Grand Prix. Facebook and other social media [...]

Could this be the end of paradise?

NXP and insurance tech firm Moter are planning to change the face of risk-based car insurance. Steve Rogerson discusses the implications. How much do you want other people to [...]


by Brandon Cannaday, CPO and co-founder of Losant A single IoT device, by itself, does not generate much data. As your application scales to millions of devices, the volume [...]

Tomatoes, facemasks and the IoT

Steve Rogerson looks for the answers to the most common IoT questions. Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Are facemasks really useful against infections? Will England ever [...]

Data are for using not for storing

IoT technology can help you gather vast amounts of data, but what is important is what you do with those data. Steve Rogerson explains. The act of gathering data [...]

Five reasons you don’t want to outsource your backend. And why you might want to reconsider

Analyzing this cornerstone question in relation to telematics — whether to build the entire infrastructure in-house or outsource parts of it to specialized services. Written by Anton Kulichenko, VP [...]

Answers to IoT questions

Are you ready for the IoT? Steve Rogerson previews the IMC’s upcoming IoT Days online event scheduled for 17 and 24 June. If you are reading this, you almost [...]

Executive Order Mandates Zero-Trust Solutions and Encryption Standards

This article originally published by Keyfactor Written by Ryan Yackel, Vice President of Product Marketing They compromised a Florida water treatment plant, held hospital IT systems hostage, infiltrated government [...]

Are the visions getting in the way of reality?

Steve Rogerson looks at a recent report that suggests some in the industrial sector are turning their backs on IoT. We have all seen the visions of futuristic cities [...]