Connected Transportation News

Waymo adopts new Geely SEA-M platform

Waymo has announced it is adopting Chinese company Zeekr’s just launched SEA-M autonomous architecture in its first autonomous taxi. The new SEA-M architecture is the result of a collaboration [...]

Germany to trial dynamic EV charging on Autobahn

Electreon and Eurovia are collaborating to demonstrate dynamic electric vehicle charging through inductive technology on Germany’s autobahns. The E|MPOWER project is supported by Germany’s Autobahn administration and by the [...]

Renesas enters automotive radar market

Japanese electronics firm Renesas is entering the automotive radar market with its launch of a 4×4 channel 76-81GHz transceiver designed for ADAS and Level 3+ self driving applications. The [...]

CerebrumX UBI incorporates Ford Vehicle Data

AI automotive data platform CerebrumX is incorporating Ford connected vehicle data to support its usage-based insurance (UBI) model for insurers. The CerebrumX integration is designed to enable insurers to [...]

California picks AECOM to manage High Speed Rail

The California High Speed Rail Authority has chosen an AECOM led joint venture to deliver the California High Speed Rail programme, an effort to build the first electrified high [...]

Hesai releases fully solid-state lidar

Shanghai based Hesai has released a fully solid-state near range blind spot lidar designed to support ADAS applications. The FT120 has no moving parts and has gained over one [...]

Nexar launches real-time mapping platform

AI vision specialist Nexar has released a real-time mapping platform. CityStream Live accesses a continuous stream of crowdsourced data, providing connected vehicles, maps, and mobility services with continually updated [...]

UTA developing more powerful auto lidar

Laser sensing for self driving cars could be about to get smaller, cheaper and more reliable. A project at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) is looking to [...]

BMW launches 80 mph+ SAE Level 2+ in US

BMW has launched a head unit for SAE Level 2 automation at high speeds in the United States and Canada. The BMW 7 Series has become the company’s first [...]

Sikorsky flies unmanned Black Hawk missions

Sikorsky has demonstrated an autonomous helicopter performing internal and external cargo resupply missions and a rescue mission. The demonstrations used an uninhabited Black Hawk helicopter flying autonomously, and the [...]

Elektrobit partners Canonical on automotive

Automotive embedded software specialist Elektrobit and Canonical are partnering to develop an automotive version of Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux distribution. The move is aimed at enabling the transition towards software-defined [...]

Benteler reorients EV unit to autonomous mobility

Austrian automotive technology group Benteler International AG has rebranded its EV business and reoriented it to autonomous mobility. The Benteler EV Systems business unit, which was spun off at [...]