Smart Building & Construction News

New Apple HomePod can recognise home alarms

Apple has launched the second generation of its Siri-equipped HomePod smart speaker. It includes support for immersive Spatial Audio tracks and new ways to manage tasks and control a [...]

Robot-built homes go on sale in Arizona

Construction robotics and automation developer Diamond Age has made its first 3D-printed houses available for sale. The company uses automation, robotics and composite materials to cut the cost and [...]

Energous and LIXIL wireless charged home sensors

Energous, a US RF-based charging developer for wireless power networks, and Japanese home IoT maker LIXIL are together developing wirelessly powered smart sensors for home and office. The collaboration [...]

Portal simplifies home energy support applications

US energy efficiency non-profit EFI has launched a new contractor ordering portal to simplify the approvals process for Income Qualified Smart Thermostats. The aim is to ensure that more [...]

Hisense adopts Matter for Smart Home products

The world’s second largest manufacturer of TVs, Qingdao-based Hisense, plans to integrate support for the Matter protocol starting in 2023. The company’s portfolio, which includes consumer and home appliance [...]

Lennox launches new smart home sensors

Lennox Industries has launched a range of new smart home products including a smart thermostat, a smart air quality monitor, and a smart room sensor. The company’s S40 Smart [...]

TP-Link boosts its smart home line-up

Smart home device maker TP-Link has unveiled a new generation of smart home security cameras, video doorbells, smart door locks, robot vacuum cleaners and Matter compatible products. It has [...]

Tramontina launches smart cooking system

Brazilian homeware maker Tramontina has launched a smart cooking system designed to guide home cooks through every step of food preparation and cooking through an integrated cooktop connected to [...]

Samsung Matter-compatible smart-home hub

Samsung used last week’s CES in Las Vegas to unveil SmartThings Station, a Matter-compatible smart home hub and fast charging pad. As the smart home market continues to grow, [...]

GE adds Matter to Cync lighting range

GE Lighting announced at last week’s CES in Las Vegas that it will be starting to make its line of smart-home products Matter compatible during 2023. Following through on [...]

Renesas development kit supports Matter

Japanese electronics giant Renesas has announced its first development kit that includes support for the Matter protocol. Renesas also announced that it would offer Matter support on all future [...]

Nanoleaf unveils Matter lighting range at CES

Canadian smart lighting firm Nanoleaf revealed Matter-compatible smart home products at last week’s CES in Las Vegas, including the company’s first ever learning smart light switches. Revealed for the [...]