Connected Health News

Bosch and Highmark use space tech to detect asthma

Highmark Health and Bosch announced at CES in Las Vegas a research collaboration to explore the use of sensor technology to capture audio that is analysed using artificial intelligence [...]

Vodafone adds IoT to Proximie operating room offerings

UK health technology platform Proximie is working with Vodafone Business to bring 5G, IoT and edge computing to operating theatres. As part of Proximie’s mission to save lives by [...]

Wirepas connects Intrex senior living technology

Virginia-based Intrex, a medtech company developing technology for senior living, is working with IoT connectivity firm Wirepas to bring real-time actionable data to senior living communities Wirepas Massive connectivity [...]

Garmin combines analogue watch with smart health

Swiss firm Garmin’s latest offering combines the look of an analogue watch with the health, fitness and connected features of a smartwatch. The Vívomove Sport hybrid smartwatch has real [...]

Silex Wifi 6E module suits medical IoT devices

Japanese firm Silex Technology has introduced a Wifi 6E module for medical and industrial IoT devices. The SX-PCEAX is a tri-band (2.4, 5 and 6GHz) wireless LAN combo module [...]

Olea building blocks allow vital sign monitoring

Nevada-based Olea Sensor Networks has launched a suite of IoT software and hardware building blocks for developing equipment to monitor vital signs. The specialist in intelligent sensors and analytic [...]

Wearables can predict blood sugar levels

Wearables combined with machine learning can predict blood sugar levels in pre-diabetes patients, according to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania. Instead of relying on traditional approaches that can [...]

Mitsubishi Monitoring detects Driver Illness

Mitsubishi Electric has unveiled an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that detects and monitors the physical condition of a vehicle’s driver and occupants to promote safe vehicle operation. Among [...]

Ambulance VR system to improve critical outcomes

Japanese medical VR and AI company Jolly Good have developed a medical VR filming system for ambulances with physicians in collaboration with Nippon Medical School Hospital Emergency & Critical [...]

App Improves Medication Side Effects Monitoring

US non-profit CreakyJoints, an advocacy group for arthritis sufferers, has published a peer-review of the use of its ArthritisPower mobile app to capture side-effects of powerful rheumatic disease medications, [...]

Telli FDA approved 4G SpO2 device for Covid

Telli Health has launched what it describes as the first FDA certified and approved 4G cellular connected SpO2 oximeter. The new device addresses the need for remote SpO2 patient [...]

GBT to develop Bluetooth Vital Signs Wearable

San Diego based GBT Technologies has begun development of a low energy Bluetooth wearable that can measure vital signs with a touch of the finger. The company plans to [...]