IMC Sustaining Members have access to broad array of direct marketing platforms and advertising. Our “open” and “click-through” rates routinely outpace accepted industry standards, indicating a highly engaged audience. And our up-front privacy policies, opt-in filters and list curation ensure GDPR-compliance. You can update your creative and target portions of our audience as often as you’d like! And you can take advantage or our tens of thousands of followers on LinkedIn and Twitter. Just some of the promotional opportunities offered to IMC Sustaining Member companies include…
  • GDPR-compliant direct email
  • Banner advertising on nine IMC push content channels and website
  • Custom advertorial promotions
Only IMC Sustainers have access to our community of 25,000 enterprise users, product makers/designers, and apps developers for purposes of promotion. Our community covers 24 different vertical markets on every continent, and they qualify for membership as buyers of the broadest possible spectrum of IoT solutions. And we curate our membership rolls several times annually to guarantee the highest possible level of engagement.