Soracom monitors Sollatek FMCG refrigerators

  • April 16, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

Sollatek, a specialist in telemetry and IoT for the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market, has chosen Japanese firm Soracom to deliver remote monitoring and management for its widely-deployed commercial refrigeration and coffee products.

Sollatek offers a broad range of products, from refrigeration control to off-grid solar, with an emphasis on power stability, asset tracking, remote monitoring, energy optimisation and operational insight. Its flagship commercial refrigeration products are designed to monitor and control temperature, energy usage and geolocation of everything from beverage coolers and refrigerators to display cabinets and ice-cream freezers.

Sollatek’s always-on offering also provides real-time asset location tracking along with the ability to mark cooler sales based on door openings, monitor cooler misuse, and remotely control cooling system functionality.

By combining this onnected hardware with an online portal, Sollatek has improved its position in PoS technology in the $20bn FMCG market. Many of the world’s largest beverage producers already use Sollatek’s always-on technology, with more than a million coolers and freezers deployed with Sollatek technology worldwide.

Sollatek selected Soracom for this project based on a demonstrated ability to provide reliable connectivity on a global scale. The Soracom IoT SIM offers multi-carrier cellular connectivity in more than 180 countries and regions, and spans over 380 mobile operator networks, with the ability to switch between networks automatically when the signal is weak. Soracom’s included connectivity management platform (CMP) and unified billing system give Sollatek control of its IoT network at scale.

“Some of the world’s best-known brands rely on Sollatek to deliver consistently exceptional experiences for their customers,” said Takashi Serizawa, head of the Europe region for Soracom. “Soracom’s cloud-native IoT connectivity gives global innovators like Sollatek the quality of service they expect in order to succeed at scale.”

Dimitris Flokos, head of IoT for UK-based Sollatek (, added: “Our devices offer fleet managers a wealth of data that can be used for real-time data-driven decisions that will maximise their output and keep their systems running efficientlyd. Providing that service at a global scale is how we stay ahead of the competition.”

Soracom ( is a technology partner to more than 20,000 startups, SMBs and enterprises, connecting more than six million IoT devices globally.