OpSense SaaS checklist helps retailers re-open after lockdown

  • June 9, 2020
  • imc

Washington-based OpSense, a real-time continuous monitoring software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, has released an upgraded digital checklist to help retailers and food service operators meet Covid-19 safety requirements as they re-open.

Compliance requires consistent and accurate data collection. The redesigned user interface makes creating and tailoring checklists easier. The application documents completed tasks, photos, notes and recorded temperatures, and maintains a digital record to ensure everyone in the organisation is meeting safety requirements.

Popular tools, such as Bluetooth and infra-red probes, can be integrated.

As checklists are completed and sent to the cloud, each one is dated and time-stamped. Results are available in real time from all locations. Reports provide insights into trends, highlight locations performing well, locations at risk, or individuals that need additional training. Corrective actions and notes are included in reports to ensure compliance to HACCP and Covid related protocols.

“We collaborated closely with our restaurant and supermarket clients on the features and functionality in this release,” said Stu Gavurin, CEO of OpSense. “And they stressed the importance of recording a variety of activities, from sanitising door handles and tables to washing hands, to checking temperatures.”

The platform is designed for businesses currently open or ready to re-open with a desire to manage the Covid-19 requirements and improve food safety compliance. The expanded digital checklist application is available immediately for iOS and Android devices.

OpSense is purpose built for supermarkets, restaurants, hospitality and other large retailers. Real-time continuous monitoring is combined with task management, checklists, customisable alerts and reports to deliver end-to-end operations management. The platform monitors temperature, humidity, open doors, HVAC conditions, energy usage and more, increasing productivity across operations, facilities, equipment and the workforce.

OpSense is built by Mission Data, a digital product developer for retail and food businesses since 1996.