Inter Miami opens four checkout-free stores

  • March 5, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

Californian retail software company Zippin has opened four checkout-free stores at Chase Stadium, home of Inter Miami CF.

This spring sees the first full season with football superstar Lionel Messi on the roster at Inter Miami (, and the enthusiasm for the season is unmistakable. Season tickets are sold out, and high fan turnout is expected at every game. So it made sense to give fans multiple ways to shop checkout-free and avoid long queues.

This deployment is significant because these stores aren’t your typical brick-and-mortar establishments. Zippin is introducing a new concept – checkout-free stores that operate outdoors in permanent or temporary structures. Other options on the market require the purchase and construction of an entirely new outdoor structure as part of the checkout-free deployment.

Zippin’s approach, dubbed Zippin Walk-Up Outdoors, seamlessly transforms existing portable stores and outdoor stores into checkout-free stores. This means checkout-free retail can accompany fans to virtually any event, from sporting matches to concerts, without hassle.

“We are excited to bring the magic of checkout-free retail to Chase Stadium with our unique, outdoor-friendly format,” said Krishna Motukuri, CEO of Zippin. “The concession stands here are primarily container stores and tents, similar to other venues. It’s never before been possible to transform these existing locations into checkout-free experiences. With this approach, we’re giving soccer fans more time to enjoy the match, and helping Chase Stadium make the most of existing infrastructure investments.”

Laurence McMillon, the stadium’s director of food and beverage, added: “We’ve been working tirelessly during our short offseason to introduce technology to decrease wait times and expand the variety of our exceptional food offerings with the goal of elevating and providing a memorable matchday experience to our fans at Chase Stadium.”

Zippin Walk-Up Outdoors unlocks the possibility of checkout-free across a wider range of use cases beyond sports venues, including outdoor music festivals, ski resorts and professional golf tours. The technology is resistant to outdoor conditions such as sunlight, humidity and temperature fluctuations. Behind the scenes, the same Zippin checkout-free platform accurately identifies purchases without the need for a checkout or the hassle of self-scanning.

Zippin ( says its continued success is based on its ability to adapt at scale along with a focus on reducing the total cost of ownership of checkout-free. With a smaller hardware footprint and streamlined installation process, new stores can be deployed much faster than just a few years ago, often with a subscription-only revenue model.