Intel-powered PoS tracks shopper behaviour

  • June 27, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Taiwanese firm Clientron has introduced a smart PoS system powered by 12th-generation Intel processors.

As technology continues to evolve, PoS systems are becoming more efficient and enhanced with functionality and versatility for smart retail applications.

Following this trend, Clientron launched the Ares850 PoS system equipped with a 12th- generation Intel Core processor, which can run the software and AI applications that require higher computing power, such as for self-checkout systems, visual recognition, behaviour tracking and analytics, and inventory tracking.

The impact of AI applications on the retail industry brings opportunities and benefits for retailers to improve services and create new business models.

Some stores may not have barcodes on every product, requiring clerks to memorise prices to speed up the checkout process, especially bakeries. Equipped with up to ten processor cores, the Ares850 is built for multitasking, allowing the AI algorithm to identify several loaves of bread without removing them from the customer’s tray and pay for them immediately with a credit card or e-wallet, reducing checkout waiting time. Most importantly, it can help bakeries save time in training staff and reduce the possibility of human error.

Imagine standing in front of a self-checkout system that could instantly recognise your membership, analyse your purchase history, and remind you to buy the product you need or show you a promotion you’re interested in. The Ares850 can achieve this by turning into a self-service system.

It has nine USB interfaces and one type C port, which can connect various peripherals, such as barcode scanners, cameras and RFID. Intel CPUs provide computing power for artificial intelligence (AI) applications, providing customised messages to shoppers instantly by analysing data.

The Ares850 can be mounted on a 38cm display on the back of a customer-facing terminal. With an Intel 12th-generation CPU, the display can play high-resolution video and run interactive content without slowing down the operating system, enriching the in-store experience and building a stronger connection with shoppers. For example, if shoppers want to try cosmetics in multiple colours, they can virtually try them via the display and buy them directly.

PoS systems collect massive amounts of data in real-time for AI analysis to predict patterns or preferences in demand and customer behaviour, thereby making business decisions to increase sales and provide better service. Therefore, in the era of smart retail, data are more important than ever.

By enabling TPM 2.0, Ares850 increases the security level of the hardware, ensuring only trusted software is allowed to be installed on the PoS system, thereby reducing the risk of being hacked.

Clientron was founded in 1983 and provides integrated embedded products. It has experience in design, manufacturing and after-sales-service. Products include PoS, kiosks, thin clients and automotive electronics.