Dada rolls out new On-Demand Retail Services

  • November 11, 2021
  • William Payne

Chinese local on-demand delivery and retail platform Dada has rolled out a panorama of its on-demand order fulfilment, covering warehousing, picking and delivery services. Based on its digital and intelligent capabilities such as the Dada Haibo system, the Canghai system, and Smart Logistics system, Dada Now has upgraded its all-process capabilities to bring one-hour shopping to retail merchants and consumers.

Dada Now provides customised systematic solutions for different merchants based on their business forms and scale of online orders, helping them digitalise offline inventory, reduce stock-out rate, and improve inventory turnover.

For “picking” service, Dada Picking employs a digitalised order picking service, the Canghai system, and helps merchants recruit crowdsourced pickers, achieve the digital and product-based picking operations and management, and improve efficiency and quality of omni-channel order picking.

Dada Picking’s data showed that the new application has reduced the picking time of the service by 15% while the hourly picking speed has increased by 18%. During this year’s Double 11 Festival in mid November, Dada Picking service will be applied in more supermarket chains, including Walmart, CR Vanguard, CP Lotus, Yonghui Superstores, Carrefour, and 7 Fresh.

For chain merchants, Dada provides customised delivery and fulfilment solutions, called Dedicated Delivery service or Quanxinda, and supports on-demand order delivery in all categories, omni-channels, all time and full-distance.

Dedicated Delivery offers more diversified services to meet different needs and requirements of chain brands for fast delivery, brand image, and standard services. It has been serving Walmart, CR Vanguard, Sam’s Club, Kungfu, Champion Pizza, Dingdong Maicai, and Lenovo Lecoo.

Dada has also launched the Dada autonomous delivery open platform, which has been adopted by 7 Fresh and Yonghui Superstores to normalise the scalable use of unmanned delivery vehicles. Leveraging the on-demand orders, operational systems and order dispatching capability, the open platform aims to promote and accelerate the application of unmanned delivery in the on-demand retail industry.

“To achieve comprehensive on-demand order fulfilment for retailing stores, it requires more than the last-mile delivery service. We need to extend warehousing, picking and other services related to order fulfilment to empower retailers in an all-process way,” said Jun Yang, Co-Founder, Director and CTO of Dada Group when explaining why Dada Now is committed to improving warehousing-picking-delivery service capabilities for order fulfilment.

The upgrade of all-process capabilities in “warehousing-picking-delivery” services marks a new milestone for Dada Now, in establishing a comprehensives service ecosystem in on-demand order fulfilment sector. “Dada Now has gained rich resources and experience in the entire processes of warehousing, picking and delivery over the past years. In the future, we will continue to innovate and better empower the retail and logistics industry,” said Jun Yang.