Amazon sellers get access to Hexa 3D imaging

  • June 12, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Sellers on Amazon can access 3D images, immersive 360-degree viewing, virtual try-on capabilities and augmented reality (AR) using technology from Israeli firm Hexa.

Hexa’s 3D visualisation platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create digital twins. The initiative with Amazon will allow its selling partners to access Hexa’s proprietary immersive operating system to add content on their Amazon product pages.

Working alongside the Amazon Web Services (AWS) spatial computing team and the Amazon web site imaging teams, Hexa has built a workflow that empowers Amazon selling partners to bridge the gap between 2D and 3D. In turn, shoppers get to enjoy an better user experience while increasing conversion rates.

“Working with Amazon has opened up a whole new distribution channel for our partners,” said Gavin Goodvach, Hexa vice president. “Brands now have the ability to distribute 3D experiences and deliver high quantity immersive shopping to Amazon’s global network of customers using Hexa’s proprietary content delivery network (CDN).”

Regardless of an Amazon selling partner’s experience level with 3D or AR, the workflow is designed to be usable by all. Amazon selling partners will now be able to upload their Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) into Hexa’s content management system (CMS), and the system will automatically convert as little as one image into a high-fidelity 3D model with AR compatibility.

“In addition to 3D reconstruction, further enhancements to Hexa’s 3D tech stack also allows Amazon selling partners to render high-definition marketing materials, including packshots and lifestyle images directly from their 3D digital twins,” said Hexa’s CTO Jonathan Clark. “They’ll be able to do so by leveraging AWS Thinkbox render infrastructure and advanced capabilities.”

Founded in 2018, Hexa is focused on building a 3D tech stack supporting the many use cases of synthetic data. The technology lets businesses create, manage, distribute and analyse high-fidelity 3D models, 360-degree viewing and AR experiences at scale.