Vodafone and Digital Matter bring asset tracking to NZ

  • September 20, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Vodafone NZ has partnered GPS hardware and software firm Digital Matter to offer end-to-end IoT asset tracking for New Zealand businesses.

Vodafone NZ has bundled several of Digital Matter’s battery-powered IoT asset tracking devices and white-label asset tracking software directly with Vodafone’s LTE-M (Cat-M1) and NB-IoT connectivity and in-house technical support for fully managed, end-to-end asset management.

New Zealand businesses are operating a diverse range of assets across multiple sites. Paired with a secure and reliable IoT network that supports over 1.6 million local IoT connections and more than 140 million global connections, Vodafone’s asset management offering provides accessible and easy-to-deploy tracking to monitor and optimise valuable assets, prevent theft, improve use and more.

“We are thrilled to bring our customers even more ways to stay connected with the people and physical assets that matter,” said James Moore, IoT service architect at Vodafone NZ. “New Zealand businesses now have access to flexible, simplified and affordable asset tracking that will meet their needs, expectations and budget while allowing them to improve their bottom line in a hyper-inflation environment.”

Digital Matter offers IoT asset tracking for telematics businesses, IoT providers and network operators around the world. With a portfolio of GPS and IoT hardware, device management and asset tracking software, certification management, integration support, and technical and sales training, Digital Matter partners can go to market faster with secure and reliable IoT asset tracking technologies.

“We are incredibly excited to support Vodafone New Zealand’s evolution from network operator to a leading IoT provider,” said Stuart German, business development director at Digital Matter. “Vodafone New Zealand is delivering a simple and effective IoT asset tracking offering that has been customised to meet the unique challenges and requirements of the New Zealand market, with a fraction of the time and cost many other large telcos have invested in launching end-to-end solutions.”