Softeon brings agile to warehouse of the future

  • April 11, 2023
  • William Payne

Softeon has developed an agile automated ‘warehouse of the future’ based on integrating two software stacks: one for warehouse execution; the second for supply chain execution. The company says that this provides a more configurable and agile logistics environment better able to respond to changes in supply and demand.

The company’s warehouse management system is configured for end-to-end real-time distribution process management. This is complemented by an additional warehouse execution system (WES) that provides ‘always-on’ decision making, including batch optimisation, constraint planning and automated order release. Parameters and attributes of the WES include priority, inventory and resource availability, optimisation opportunities, and carrier cut-off times.

The WMS plus WES is further enhanced by integrating a supply chain execution platform, allowing for materials systems and other technologies on the distribution centre floor. Softeon has integrated its LUCA supply chain execution platform, which provides low code/no code integrations to technologies including mobile robots and good-to-person technologies. It also includes “drag and drop” pre-built configurations to dozens of MHE, as well as workflow management and a configurable user interface builder.

LUCA delivers Streaming Fulfilment, a virtual racetrack of fulfilment information, allowing customers, vendors, and partners to use existing data on and off-ramps or create their own to receive feedback in ways that most suit them.

The LUCA platform supports Softeon WMS and WES solutions by enhancing their ability to easily connect to a variety of equipment types and providers. LUCA can also function as a stand-alone solution that can integrate heterogeneous systems and workflows across the supply chain environment.