Airgain keeps track of Lenovo servers

  • March 11, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson
  • Airgain

Those who purchase the Lenovo ThinkEdge SE360 V2 servers have been given the option of adding the cellular-based AT6 asset tracker from Californian wireless connectivity provider Airgain.

These devices will fit inside a dedicated compartment built into the server with little installation. The asset trackers complement Lenovo’s existing security built into the server. Adding the AT6 lets users t track and recover servers that go missing.

The AT6 is a robust, scalable, edge-to-enterprise product that helps organisations monitor the location and condition of any asset to which it is attached. With the AT6 installed, users can quickly track and recover their lost property and monitor ambient conditions such as temperature, light and position.

Designed to fit a slot built into the ThinkEdge server, the AT6 leverages LTE-M cellular connectivity, wifi, cellular triangulation and GPS for location services and an accelerometer, light and temperature sensor for condition monitoring. It is also equipped with a Bluetooth radio, allowing the device to function as a gateway for BLE tags, supporting hub and spoke implementations.

The tracker is an enclosed IP-66 rated device with robust battery life and is globally capable, supporting multiple frequency bands.

Because of Lenovo’s built-in security, with Airgain’s NLink platform, users can quickly configure their AT6 devices to their use case and seamlessly connect the device to their dedicated dashboard. With AT6 asset trackers installed, they will have the tools in place to track and recover their assets. Since Airgain is a third-party vendor with an independent platform, Lenovo ( will have no access to any server data or tracking information, maintaining customer privacy and security.

“Though we know that Lenovo’s servers are secure internally, the server itself may not be installed in a secure environment,” said Lance Laing, vice president at Airgain. “This programme offers an innovation for additional device tracking and recovery, especially in a non-secure environment. The dedicated compartment built into the server maximises signal strength and ensures simple installation and optimized performance. As an add-on to each server, all sales will be handled by Airgain, including links to activate, monitor and maintain the asset trackers once installed, preserving the privacy of customers.”

Additional information about the AT6 asset tracker for Lenovo’s ThinkEdge server can be found at

Airgain ( is headquartered in San Diego, California.