Telensa deploys smart streetlights in Poland

  • January 11, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Telensa has extended its central European footprint with its latest intelligent streetlight deployment in Piecki in Poland.

The UK-based networked streetlight company now has more than 20 smart street-lighting deployments in Poland and the Czech Republic. The latest deployment brings the total number of areas covered in the region to 23.

Telensa provides intelligent lighting control to over 250,000 citizens in the 23 towns and cities in Poland and Czech Republic that benefit from cost and energy savings, reduced carbon footprint and operational simplicity which come with wirelessly connected streetlights. These are individually managed from Telensa’s CMS central management system.

Its Planet connected street lighting system consists of wireless control nodes (telecells), a dedicated low-power wide area (LPWA) wireless network and the CMS. As street lighting owners and operators around the world make the transition from legacy sodium lighting to LED, Planet adds value by helping optimise the energy and maintenance improvements that come with LED street lighting. As a result, whole populations of streetlights can be managed entirely from the desktop.

“The European Commission estimates that on average, city governments spend between 30 and 50% of their energy costs on street lighting,” said Brent Hudson, CEO of Telensa. “Our own experience working with local government around the world shows those bills could be cut in half if cities transition to smart streetlamps with LED bulbs. It’s not just cities and large urban environments that are able to use networked LED streetlights to save money, reduce their carbon footprints and improve energy efficiency. Telensa’s managed service model works well for smaller town and villages keen to move to smart lighting controls.”

The latest project is to upgrade the streetlights for the administrative district of Piecki in Mragowo County in the province of Warmian-Masuria, northern Poland. Telensa’s Polish partner Enis will bring wireless connectivity to the streetlights in Piecki and connect them into its managed service platform, which it will operate on the municipality’s behalf.

Enis is helping municipalities across Poland with building streetlight inventories, modernising their systems, helping secure funds and managing the upgrade project from end to end.

“Smaller local governments are looking for cost optimisation in the effective use of energy and in the maintenance of street lighting,” said Arkadiusz Okruta, president of Enis. “Telensa Planet is the perfect tool for these applications. The reliability and stability of Telensa Planet’s operation, unparalleled in the market, enables Enis to support local governments without the need for an extensive service department. We can focus on advising local governments how to effectively use their resources. Our experience and the quality of the Telensa product are the basis of our success.”

Enis has been Telensa’s partner in Poland and the Czech Republic since 2015. It specialises in the practical application of communication technologies that optimise the efficiency of municipal infrastructure

Telensa is based in Cambridge in the UK, and manufactures with Sony UK Tech in Pencoed, Wales. It has regional operations in the USA and Australia.