Oizom monitors air quality in Indian cities

  • April 26, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson
Oizom’s air quality monitors in Indian smart city projects.

Oizom has set up 129 air quality monitors across nine smart cities in India.

The Indian environment monitoring technology provider has established a project in Bhagalpur Smart City, Bihar, with its smart and accurate air quality monitoring system.

The Indian government launched the 100 Smart Cities programme in 2015, for which Oizom has provided technology for air quality monitoring. The company has installed 129 smart air quality monitors across nine smart cities in India.

According to the 2020 census, 35% of the population of India resides in urban cities.

“For fulfilling the vision of a smart city, it is necessary to monitor the air quality levels,” said Vrushank Vyas, COO of Oizom. “This is where Oizom has put time and effort into making Polludrone a compact and affordable solution to suit the needs of smart cities.”

Polludrone can monitor all the critical ambient environmental parameters related to air quality, noise, odour, weather and radiation. It measures in an urban environment the concentrations of ambient pollutants such as PM2.5, PM10, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 and O3.

Oizom initiated its installation in Kakinada Smart City in 2017, and eventually expanded to seven other cities over five years. These were Varanasi, Gandhinagar, Surat, Itanagar, Davangere, Imphal and Agra. It has now added Bhagalpur.

What drives Polludrone is its in-house patented technology of e-breathing, where the device breathes in the air as a human nose, but detects and categorises the different particles, gaseous substances, and even the temperature and humidity of the place. Its real-time data monitoring capability is helpful for local authorities to probe into the environmental concerns and make a decisive action plan.

Smarpit Garg, the India sales head at Oizom, added: “Polludrone comes with capabilities of displaying the data on an LED. This feature helps create awareness of air quality among the citizens on a real-time basis.”

Oizom saved 50% of the project cost for Kakinada Smart City by deploying its ambient air quality monitoring system. Oizom has also established its products in various smart-city projects across the world. Some of its major projects include Kyiv, Doha, Istanbul and Baku. With more than 1000 devices installed across the globe, Oizom aims to make air quality monitoring affordable, scalable and accessible.

Oizom’s flagship products for environmental monitoring also include the Odosense odour monitoring system, Dustroid ambient dust monitor, Weathercom automatic weather station, and Envizom data visualisation and analytics software.