Montreal picks infinitii for smart infrastructure

  • July 19, 2023
  • William Payne

Montreal has chosen machine learning vendor infinitii ai to implement smart infrastructure both within Montreal City and the wider suburban region around the city. The company has been awarded contracts by both the City of Montreal, the city authority of Montreal, and the Montreal Metropolitan Community (CMM), the wider metro area which represents around half the population of the Province of Quebec. The two contracts represent an entry for Quebec’s smart infrastructure market by infinitii ai, which also works with cities and utilities in Toronto and Vancouver, as well as Boston, Dallas, Miami-Dade, and Los Angeles.

The City of Montreal will be using infinitii qa/qc machine learning software in a pilot project to detect data anomalies. The software performs Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) on any sensor data shifts or outliers that may distort results or falsely trigger alerts.

The Montreal Metropolitan Community, which brings together 82 municipalities spread over a territory of 4,374 kms and represents 48% of Quebec’s 8.6 million population, is implementing infinitii flowworks for real time data monitoring. infinitii flowworks provides predictive analytics software to perform real-time analysis, check flow monitoring status and sets alarms through a single interface accepting all types of data from any source.

“By entering the Quebec market with these two new prestigious customers, we are taking an important step in bringing the benefits of AI-driven predictive analytics to my home province,” stated Jean Charles Phaneuf, CEO of infinitii ai. “We want to benefit smart infrastructure operations in Quebec seeking positive environmental benefits using our machine learning innovations.”