Lumen, AustinGIS, Sky Packets partnership

  • August 16, 2023
  • William Payne

Lumen Technologies, AustinGIS and Sky Packets are developing new Smart City services, including strengthening cybersecurity and resilience. Metro connectivity provider Lumen, smart infrastructure-as-a-service (SIaaS) provider AustinGIS and last mile connectivity specialist Sky Packets are developing new edge computing, AI technology, security new pricing structures designed for smart city use cases.

The new partnership is based on existing collaboration between the three companies across a number of cities, including a major smart city development in Mexico City.

“Smart cities will bring next-generation advancements to a community, and they need a strong network foundation to support their data-driven future,” said Sara Seegers, national vice president, Indirect Partner Channel at Lumen. “Our Lumen partnership draws on an innovative portfolio to deliver increased network security, performance and control. Working together, we are ready and excited to work toward our goal of bringing results that will be even better than what customers expect and improve residents’ connections to local government services that are so important.”

“Smart city deployments are delayed because of inefficient technology, lack of execution expertise, or too much upfront capital investment,” said Anupam Srivastava, CEO of AustinGIS. “AustinGIS has a proven track record for making smart cities a reality thanks to our technology, partnerships and expertise in financing. For example, our modular platform supports both near- and far-edge deployments coupled with a data feedback loop that delivers continuous AI improvement. With our outcome-based pricing, there is no capital outlay required as the cost is based on the number of deployed endpoints. Now, by incorporating Lumen’s high-performance network into the mix we are changing the game for smart city feasibility.”

Recently, in Mexico City, AustinGIS and Sky Packets came together to help reduce crime by employing the AustinGIS smart city edge platform and endpoints with the Sky Packets wireless network.

“AustinGIS and Sky Packets are now working with Lumen to replicate our successes, such as our Mexico City project, into new markets,” said Henry Quintin, CEO, and co-founder of Sky Packets. “In Mexico, together we deployed state-of-the-art security cameras with edge compute services which reduced crime by 40% in six months, and increased citizen perception of safety by 70%. Now, we are working with Lumen to utilise their technology to drive mission critical, AI applications for faster throughput at a feasible price point for any municipality.”

Under the partnership agreement, these companies will bring more power to metropolitan residents with the latest in edge computing, AI technology, fast connections, secure applications, and an outcome-based pricing structure for improving city services and citizen engagement across metropolitan centres.