Iteris to upgrade Orange County traffic signalling

  • April 1, 2024
  • William Payne

California’s Orange County Transportation Authority has awarded a countywide traffic signal synchronisation project to Iteris.

Under the terms of the $9.6 million agreement, Iteris will provide signal timing design, operations and maintenance for all 34 cities in Orange County, California, one of the most populous counties in the United States.

The project will be a reset of the traffic signal synchronisation baseline for over 2,500 signals. The project will mark a significant shift in approach and make use of new technologies.

Iteris will utilise its ClearGuide SaaS solution, rather than temporary and/or manual data collection methods that provide only limited insights, to efficiently capture a broader spectrum of signal performance metrics to guide signal retiming and subsequent monitoring of the network.

With ClearGuide, Iteris traffic operations personnel can remotely monitor arterial travel times and reliability, identify congestion hotspots and prioritise further retiming efforts to enhance network performance.

This will also be Iteris’ first deployment of Signal Trends, a new probe data-based solution within ClearGuide that helps implement and manage signal timing without reliance on roadside equipment.

The ClearGuide solution is a component of Iteris’ ClearMobility Platform for continuous monitoring mobility infrastructure. ClearMobility applies cloud computing, artificial intelligence, sensors, advisory services and managed services.

“We’re excited to be working with the Orange County Transportation Authority on this important smart mobility initiative,” said Bernard Li, vice president, mobility professional services at Iteris. “The project represents an important shift toward data-driven decision making and continues OCTA’s position as a national leader in arterial management that focuses on safety and sustainability for all roadway users.”