Israeli innovation tie-up for Peachtree Corners

  • May 31, 2023
  • William Payne

Israel’s National Technological Innovation Authority is fostering collaboration between technology developers in Israel and US smart city development Peachtree Corners in the Metro Atlanta area. Israeli startups selected for the programme will pilot solutions using city-owned smart infrastructure and a real-world environment, while launching into the North American market. Developers may also collaborate with other top international technology companies as part of the city’s Curiosity Lab ecosystem.

The National Technological Innovation Authority is an independent publicly funded agency created to provide a variety of practical tools and funding platforms aimed at effectively addressing the dynamic and changing needs of the local and international innovation ecosystems.

Owned by the City of Peachtree Corners, Curiosity Lab is a 5G-enabled intelligent mobility and smart city living laboratory located in the Metro Atlanta area, Georgia. Designed as a proving ground for IoT, mobility and smart city emerging technologies, the centrepiece of the lab is a three-mile public autonomous vehicle roadway employing cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technologies.

Additional infrastructure includes intelligent traffic cameras and traffic signals, smart streetlights, an “IoT Central Control Room” implemented in a city and a 25,000 square foot innovation centre.

“We’re delighted to partner with Israel Innovation Authority in helping to foster the growth of some of the world’s brightest startups working on smart city, IoT and future mobility tech – while elevating safety and enhancing everyday city operations for the benefit of our residents,” said City of Peachtree Corners City Manager Brian Johnson. “This alliance is a culmination of the past few years of work between the technology community in Israel and the city’s Curiosity Lab ecosystem, with multiple startups having proved out exciting new solutions in Peachtree Corners’ unique smart city environment. This is yet another reflection of our international leadership, with many global entities interested in coming to the heart of what is becoming known as Silicon Orchard to develop and scale new technology.”

Applications to the programme will be opened in Israel, with Peachtree Corners and the Innovation Authority selecting, screening and approving finalists. Finalists will then join the Curiosity Lab ecosystem where in addition to testing, they will have access to resources to aid in product development, business development, and US market entry and expansion.

“The collaboration between Israel and Peachtree Corners has been growing for the past several years, and we’re excited to formally help bring some of the most advanced new smart city technologies while enabling our startups to expand into North America,” said Dr. Amiram Applebaum, Chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority and Chief Innovation Scientist at the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology. “We are proud of Israel’s leadership in smart city and IoT innovation, and it only made sense to partner with a city that’s now globally recognised for its unique environment and global firsts – from the first cellular vehicle-to-everything system implemented in an American city to other smart infrastructure breakthroughs that affect autonomous mobility and more. There’s no better soft launch pad in America to help foster the implementation of innovative technology relevant to smart cities, while positively impacting the daily life for its citizens.”