Innodisk storage targets smart cities and 5G

  • March 6, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Taiwanese firm Innodisk has launched industrial-grade flash storage targeting 5G networking and AI smart city markets.

The 5G industry has been booming, particularly in the networking slicing technology, which has enabled the development of an efficient transmission architecture for 5G networks. Network slicing allows carriers to build multiple networks to meet the differentiated requirements of different customers for network capabilities, which also brings new data storage challenges for the industry.

To help overcome the obstacles of storing and accessing data in harsh industrial environments, flash storage provider Innodisk has launched a line of industrial-grade products.

Especially in response to the high-strength reading and writing requirements generated by IoT devices and AI edge computing, the patented iSLC technology uses firmware technology. It uses BiCS5 112-layer TLC 3D NAND flash and achieves 100k P/E cycles. Compared with traditional TLC 3D NAND flash, this extends the lifespan by 33 times.

In addition, seeing that many 5G networking, 5G infrastructure and smart city applications are implemented under harsh outdoor conditions or in round-the-clock environments, such as smart e-payment based on AI vision inspection and ANPR, Innodisk uses its hardware-software integration capability to embed the firmware technologies.

With Innodisk’s iData Guard and iPower Guard firmware, the data transition can be conducted under unstable environments and be protected to improve stability and experience for the business opportunities of 5G networking, smart city and AIoT applications.

The series supports SATA and PCIe interfaces and provides various specifications of sizes as well as the standard and industrial wide-range temperature models.

The SATA SSD 3IE7 and PCIe 4IG2-P series are available now, and the PCIe 3IE6 and PCIe 4IE3 series will launch in Q2 2023.