Actelis shows way to modernise San Jose transport

  • September 13, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

The city of San Jose has chosen California-based Actelis Networks to provide management software to improve intelligent transportation throughout Silicon Valley’s tech capital.

Actelis specialises in cyber-hardened, rapid deployment networking for wide area IoT applications. It was chosen by San Jose to modernise and extend an intelligent transportation system (ITS). The total budget is estimated at $3m for a multi-year programme.

With autonomous vehicles roaming the streets, machine-vision enabled traffic lights, smart parking management, and other technologies poised to ascend an exponential growth curve, city planners and ITS managers are designing for a landscape that’s rapidly modernising. Infrastructure technology choices made today will impact municipal outcomes for generations to come.

The Actelis hybrid fibre-copper network gives San Jose’s ITS operators the ability to develop and deploy a fast network rapidly for transportation needs that will be using real-time actionable data.

Currently, less than 15% of San Jose’s 965 intersections are fibre enabled. Reaching 100% of locations with fibre may take a long time, and vastly exceed project timeline and budget.

Actelis’ networking enables cyber-hardened, fibre-grade connectivity services over both new fibre as well as existing copper lines to all locations, within hours or days. With Actelis, a high-bandwidth, real time, aggregated traffic management and surveillance system can become an instant reality.

The company’s system and management software transports data from large numbers of IoT devices, traffic surveillance video cameras and other city applications to enable fast, intelligent decision making in real time, helping streamline traffic through the city and optimise city operations.

Actelis was selected following testing by the city’s ITS team, which cited seamless operation of high-speed networking over hybrid fibre-copper networks, performance, reliability, data integrity and security as well as management and automation software as factors in choosing Actelis.

“Actelis products have been proven with great success and, while we still tested other solutions for this ITS upgrade, they fell short when it came to performance and reliability,” said Ho Nguyen, ITS manager for San Jose. “Actelis does it all and provides a flexible foundation for future growth with copper, hybrid and full fibre networks.”

Tuvia Barlev, CEO of Actelis, added: “Our unique hybrid fibre-copper network and powerful management software gives San Jose ITS operators a powerful tool to move forward rapidly with their ITS planning and implementation, in changing environments, circumventing most if not all challenges involved in trenching, boring and delays involving permits for civil works. We help operators reach their implementation goals cost-effectively, on time and under budget, while not compromising on the highest level of service delivery and security.”

San Jose is embarking on a $3m, multi-year city funded programme to upgrade its existing traffic communications network. Actelis’ long-time partner Western Pacific Signal will serve as the network integration partner on the project.