Zoomlion creates intelligent construction fleet

  • January 10, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Chinese construction equipment maker Zoomlion has created an intelligent machinery fleet with eleven pieces of equipment that can coordinate full-process, unmanned construction, covering excavation, concrete pumping, hoisting and installation.

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology unveiled the intelligent construction package last month in the Earthmoving Machinery Smart Park in Changsha, Hunan.

“The super brain of intelligent construction, built by Zoomlion’s independently developed iCES intelligent scheduling system, MAS multi-intelligent equipment cooperation system and 4DT digital twin system, is giving the construction machinery the superpower and ability to speak and coordinate construction tasks autonomously,” said Yu Xiaoying, deputy director of Zoomlion’s technology research centre.

The intelligent construction system is enabled by full-information digital connection, full-task intelligent scheduling, process autonomous coordination and three-dimensional visualisation, empowering full-process unmanned intelligent construction.

The iCES intelligent scheduling system resolves building information modelling (BIM) tasks in milliseconds with 100 per cent accuracy. One-click construction task dispatch and full-digital delivery reduce delivery time by 90 per cent compared with manual operation.

Compact and efficient construction can cut waiting time by 28 per cent, achieving streamlined staff arrangement and safer construction.

The MAS multi-intelligent equipmentcooperation system can predict and coordinate the operation path of intelligent equipment to realise the precise collaboration of actions and full-scope active collision prevention.

The 4DT digital-twin visualisation system enables all-around monitoring of the construction site’s digital twin, with one information network, one management spreadsheet and one monitoring map. The system can reduce the construction period by 30 per cent through aided intelligent decision-making, improving manpower efficiency by 300 per cent.

Zoomlion has continually carried forward the intelligent development of construction machinery, making breakthroughs from intelligent technologies that give individual thinking to machinery equipment, multi-mode human-computer interaction technologies that allow equipment to understand and learn, to intelligent cooperative technologies enabling all equipment to interact and work as one.

Its technological roadmap, which has evolved from an intelligent unit to an intelligent cluster and now is capable of delivering intelligent construction in full scope, has realised an all-new construction model of operation, with full-process unmanned operation in a digital closed loop.