Vsblty and Photon-X enhance smart buildings to detect Covid-19

  • April 28, 2020
  • imc

Philadelphia software company Vsblty is working with sensor technology firm Photon-X to develop camera applications to help screen for persons who may be infected with Covid-19 as they enter buildings.
The two firms are collaborating to develop a multi-sensor camera capability specifically for security and smart buildings applications. Photon-X object recognition and analytics combined with Vsblty facial recognition will provide a screening tool for facilities to identify and validate that someone with a high temperature is about to enter a building. Fever, cough and difficulty breathing are some of the common symptoms of Covid-19.
The announcement was made by Vsblty CEO Jay Hutton and Blair Barbour, CEO of Florida-based Photon-X, who said they expected to develop a prototype very quickly as it was simply a matter of integrating existing technology. The new model will have several features of typical infra-red cameras that are being used to measure body surface temperature.
The Vsblty-Photon-X cameras will additionally measure heartbeat and oxygen saturation levels with the goal of helping produce less false positives than the standard infra-red cameras now in use
“As the world slowly goes back to work, we will all want to be assured that we can do so safely,” said Hutton. “Thermal detection in venues, buildings, restaurants and public spaces will be an easy detection tool that can augment safety and help prevent further contagion. We have already seen efforts by major retailers, manufacturers and large employers to implement wellness detection at building and factory entrances. This is a safety measure that has long-term value and may well be an essential element in the new economy.”
Vsblty technology provides customer engagement and audience measurement using machine learning and computer vision. Its VisionCaptor and DataCaptor software combine motion graphics and interactive brand messaging with computer vision measurement and insights. Its Vector AI-driven software provides facial recognition for enhancing security requirements when recognising weapons or suspicious persons in a crowd.