Vivint expands from smart home to lighting

  • June 19, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Utah-based Vivint Smart Home has set up a smart lighting division to make homes safer, smarter and more sustainable.

Vivint Smart Lighting lets home owners place switches anywhere, doesn’t require electrical work, ensures connectivity, and expands the smart home capabilities.

“Smart lighting has been one of our top requested categories and we’re thrilled to bring this experience to customers,” said Jim Nye, chief product officer at Vivint. “In developing Vivint Smart Lighting, our goal was to create the most user-friendly and effective lighting that overcomes common pain points and integrates seamlessly with the Vivint platform. We’re excited to bring this new category to the Vivint suite and to continue expanding the power of our smart home ecosystem.”

Vivint Smart Lighting consists of three core pieces:

  • Light switch: Adhering to the wall, the switch covers up existing light switches and wall plates, regardless of whether they are toggle or rocker switches, with no electrical work required. It can also be placed on surfaces without existing switches, allowing users to rewire their home without ever touching a wire. The switch also provides the ability to dim lights with intuitive controls at the switch, with voice, or through the Vivint app.
  • Bulbs: Connected by Zigbee, smart bulbs replace existing light bulbs and come in various options, including standard A19 bulbs, flood bulbs (BR30) and LED recessed lights, with additional bulbs coming soon. Vivint Smart Lighting is also compatible with most Zigbee-powered bulbs.
  • Lighting bridge: A dedicated bridge providing wireless communication between Vivint Smart Lighting products and the Vivint Smart Hub, enabling flawless integration with a Vivint smart home system, and expanding smart home and smart security capabilities.

By integrating seamlessly with Vivint system’s automation capabilities, Vivint Smart Lighting works alongside existing Vivint sensors, cameras and other products. Users can simply adjust their settings to make the home automatically come to life as they drive up, so they never come home to a dark house, or create custom actions to arm the home automatically and turn off the lights as they climb into bed.

Vivint Smart Lighting also powers away lighting, a feature that makes it appear there are people always home, even when they are not. Using drop-down settings, users can automate Vivint Smart Lighting throughout the home and set lights to turn on and off in a natural way that makes it appear the home is always occupied.

By integrating seamlessly with the existing smart home system, Vivint Smart Lighting expands the capabilities of smart deter, an existing feature that intelligently detects and deters potential threats around the home with audible and lighting alerts. For example, when the Vivint outdoor camera or doorbell camera detects someone in the set deter zone, the smart lighting can automatically turn on, just as it would if someone was home and checking what’s happening.

It’s simple to customise and expand light switch placement throughout the home with Vivint Smart Lighting, letting users place a switch where one doesn’t exist or control lights from across the home. Plus, the hassle-free installation saves time and effort. It is also connected through a dedicated Zigbee network that doesn’t rely on wifi or bog down the network as traditional smart lighting can often do.

Many smart lighting options rely on a constant power source that can be interrupted by the light switch, resulting in a loss of connection to the smart lights when the switch is turned off. Vivint Smart Lighting eliminates the confusion around how to control lights by making them controllable from any location without shutting down the power to the smart bulbs.

The Vivint Smart Lighting bundle will be available starting August 23 for $300, plus a flat $5 monthly service fee, and includes a choice of eight compatible bulbs, one lighting bridge, and two switches, with the option to purchase additional lighting products. A Vivint smart hub is required.