Tramontina launches smart cooking system

  • January 24, 2023
  • William Payne

Brazilian homeware maker Tramontina has launched a smart cooking system designed to guide home cooks through every step of food preparation and cooking through an integrated cooktop connected to a smartphone app.

The Tramontina Guru includes a portable induction cooktop with an integrated temperature sensor and scale, intuitive display and touch buttons, and a Bluetooth connection to pair with a smartphone app. Users can use this app to access recipes, view step-by-step instructions, and control and monitor the cooktop.

The Guru’s app is available for iOS or Android devices and provides more than 200 recipes with text and video guidance, chef tips and nutritional information.

“Top chefs know precision in the kitchen is what guarantees a great meal,” said Chef Elzio Callefi Junior. “Tramontina Guru is a gamechanger for home cooks because precision is built into the smart cooking system with the integrated temperature sensor and scale, plus recipes thoughtfully developed to ensure greater control over quantities, cooking time and temperature. With a connected cooking approach, home cooks can get chef-quality results without having to be a culinary expert.”

“Tramontina Guru will change the way people prepare great meals and cook with their friends and family, improving the cooking experience by combining top-quality cookware with digital innovation and connectivity so modern cooks can consistently produce chef-quality results,” said Marcelo Borges, President and CEO of Tramontina USA. “This smart cooking system helps home cooks improve their culinary skills and gain confidence when cooking for others. It’s the future of cooking, and everyone at CES who loves to cook (or loves someone who loves to cook) should stop by our booth to check it out.”