TP-Link boosts its smart home line-up

  • January 24, 2023
  • William Payne

Smart home device maker TP-Link has unveiled a new generation of smart home security cameras, video doorbells, smart door locks, robot vacuum cleaners and Matter compatible products. It has also introduced a new smart home controller.

Among the new products, the company has added 15 new Matter-compatible products and five new HomeKit compatible products across its Tapo and Kasa lines, including smart plugs, smart switches, smart outlet extenders, smart bulbs and a sensor.

The Matter-certified Tapo P125M Mini Smart Plug features a compact design to stack two plugs in the same outlet, while the Kasa KP125M supports real-time energy consumption monitoring. The Tapo S505D Smart Dimmer Switch allows users to dim and brighten their lights in multiple ways.

The Tapo P306 Smart Wi-Fi Outlet Extender, which features three smart AC outlets, three always-on AC outlets and three USB ports, is also compatible with the Matter protocol. The Tapo L535E Multicolor Smart Light Bulb has also been Matter-certified.

The Tapo P125M will become the first TP-Link Matter product available for purchase in January 2023. The Tapo S505D will be launched in March 2023.

TP-Link has launched a new smart home controller, the Homebase Tapo H900. This supports devices based on Wi-Fi, Sub-G, Bluetooth, Matter, Thread and other protocols. The Tapo H900 allows users to manage all Tapo smart home devices and customise automation ‘smart scenes’.

The Tapo H900 works as a video surveillance centre as well as a video storage centre, allowing users to watch live views from up to 16 cameras simultaneously. Homebase also provides electronic photo frames, alarm clocks, calendars, notes, and other entertainment functions. With additional Tapo smart sensors, the Homebase will provide users with status and control of smart home devices.

At CES 2023, TP-Link gained an innovation award for its Tapo RV30C Slim, a slim LiDAR Navigation robot vacuum cleaner. It features a compact Mini-DTOF LiDAR sensor and is 7.8 cm high, 20 percent less than most full-size solutions. It is designed to clean harder-to-reach areas, and its MagSlim LiDAR allows it to achieve millimetre-level measurement for more accurate perception and mapping of homes, increasing cleaning coverage. An RV30C Slim Plus model will also be available, which comes with an auto-empty dustbin.