Smart bed adjusts temperature for each sleeper

  • January 29, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

The latest smart bed from Kentucky mattress maker Tempur Sealy uses artificial intelligence (AI) to control the temperature for each person in the bed.

The Tempur-ActiveBreeze smart bed can help the 62 per cent of Americans who have at least one hot sleeper in the house.

This is the second ActiveBreeze product and the first to be fully integrated with Sleeptracker-AI. It offers customisable climate programmes tied to each users sleep schedule. Additionally, it will include relaxation programmes introduced last year. The bed will cost from just under $10,000.

“Our team of innovators is relentlessly focused on designing and scaling products to common sleep disturbances, “said Scott Thompson, Tempur Sealy ( CEO. “ActiveBreeze is designed to personalise climate control delivering a range of up to 30 degrees F [17 degrees C] from warm to cooling. With patented ActiveAir Technology, the ActiveBreeze mattress distributes consistent air flow for each sleep partner. We expect these advanced offerings to accelerate premium sales for our retail partners while delighting consumers with innovative features and benefits. We are committed to continued investment in superior, game-changing innovation that further positions Tempur-Pedic as an unsurpassed leader in premium bedding.”

The smart bed features the company’s patented dual-zone climate control system. Its ActiveAir Technology lets users tailor the level of cooling – from low to medium or high – on each side of the bed, and includes an active bed-warming feature, making it suitable for couples with different sleep-climate needs.

The bed also includes the ProSmart Air base, with automatic snore response, Sleeptracker-AI coaching and insights, and a suite of relaxation programmes to help users fall asleep more easily. It also has adaptative, pressure-relieving support as the mattress is made from Tempur-Material, enhanced with added ventilation for increased airflow and deeper, more-restful sleep.

The active cooling feature is based on average heat index at the mattress surface with the high fan setting measured over an eight-hour period; warming is based on mattress surface temperature after a 60-minute period.

The bed raises once approximately 12 degrees in response to snoring. This may reduce snoring in otherwise healthy individuals who snore due to body positioning.