Simulation service predicts indoor air quality

  • February 7, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Canadian architectural diffuser maker Effectiv HVAC has launched a computer fluid dynamics (CFD) service to simulate a room’s airflow, thermal comfort and indoor air quality.

The Verified service delivers precise and realistic simulations of one room, providing insights to improve building design and performance.

The CFD simulation conditions are set to match the actual operating conditions of the room, including room size, shape, location, temperature, humidity and occupancy levels. The simulations are made in accordance with the method proposed in the Ashrae 62.1 2022 standard on ventilation and acceptable indoor air quality, ensuring the results are accurate and reliable.

“We are excited to offer this new service to our clients,” said Frank Godbout, president of Effectiv HVAC. “Verified reports provide valuable information to improve the design and performance of buildings, ensuring they are comfortable, energy efficient and safer for occupants. This service is a valuable tool for architects, engineers and building owners who are looking to improve the indoor environment and energy efficiency of their buildings.”

The service begins with the recreation of the room in a 3D environment, including the positioning of diffusers and returns, windows, occupants, and objects in the room. Once the room is ready, users provide the operating conditions they would like to simulate, such as a VAV system in heating and cooling, outdoor temperatures, supply temperatures, and set points. It is possible to test multiple operating conditions, however, each operating condition requires a full CFD simulation.

The reports provided include visual representations of the air velocity, air temperature, mean age of air, thermal comfort, CO2 particles per million, and Ez factor everywhere in the room, with views from different angles.

For projects targeting Leed, Well or other energy efficiency certifications, Effectiv also offers a complete energy efficiency analysis of an air distribution design in one room. The analysis focuses on quantifying the energy efficiency performance of the proposed design, as well as its impact on indoor air quality and thermal comfort for occupants.

Effectiv HVAC is a manufacturer of architectural diffusers for commercial buildings. Its products help improve air mixing in the room, which can have a significant impact on energy efficiency, thermal comfort and indoor air quality.