Aruba joins EnOcean to create hyperaware buildings

  • July 20, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Hewlett Packard Enterprise company Aruba has joined the EnOcean Alliance as a participant member. When used together, the Aruba wifi infrastructure and EnOcean energy harvesting wireless products allow the creation of hyperaware smart buildings.
Such buildings are cognisant of and responsive to changing operating environments and occupant needs.
EnOcean Alliance member IoT devices are the eyes and ears of smart buildings. By securely interfacing IoT devices with new and existing Aruba Wifi 5 and 6 access points via a plug-in 800-900MHz radio, building control and business applications can become hyperaware of their operating environments.
This information can be used to model cloud-based digital twins, and optimise human activity monitoring, organisational redesign, augmented reality, human productivity, and occupant health and safety.
“A building becomes smart by virtue of being instrumented with IoT devices so applications are cognisant of the contextual status of the environment, occupants, energy requirements, service needs, security and safety,” said Michael Tennefoss, vice president at Aruba. “The richer the set of available IoT data, the more cognisant and adaptive the building and associated digital twins can become. The goal is to make hyperawareness simple and inexpensive, and that is what the mash-up between Aruba and the EnOcean Alliance achieves.”
He said an inexpensive 800-900MHz plug-in radio brought existing and new Aruba customers access to thousands of IoT devices, including Bacnet and other protocol gateways and software applications, both local and cloud-based. In turn, alliance members gain access to Aruba’s installed base of education, enterprise, government, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, manufacturing, retail and transportation customers.”
Graham Martin, CEO of the EnOcean Alliance, added: “Our collaboration opens up exciting new market opportunities for the alliance members and the Aruba community by combining Aruba’s extensive network power and the flexibility of energy harvesting wireless sensors. The simplicity makes it now possible for the facility, IT and other managers to easily add services, collecting data from peel-and-stick sensors across an entire building without pulling any new cables nor ever having to change a battery.”
Energy harvesting wireless devices use tiny amounts of energy from their environment. Kinetic motion, pressure, light and differences in temperature are converted into energy, which, combined with low-power wireless technology, creates maintenance-free sensors for use in smart buildings and the IoT.
Founded in 2001, EnOcean is a pioneer of energy harvesting and delivers data for the IoT with its resource-saving technology. With a simple USB device supporting the EnOcean Alliance interoperable wireless standard, Aruba and EnOcean can enable the economical, reliable and safe use of energy harvesting sensors over building networks to make buildings smart and sustainable.
We’re very happy to team up with Aruba to bring the entire ecosystem of EnOcean to buildings in an easy and secure way,” said Andreas Schneider, CEO of EnOcean.