Ant Telecom ties knot to protect wedding venues

  • August 4, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Family-owned Bijou Wedding Venues, which offers wedding venues in France and the UK, is improving its safety in response to the Covid-19 pandemic by implementing body temperature monitoring from Ant Telecom.
As restrictions lift to enable larger groups of people to meet, weddings can begin to take place with more guests. Bijou therefore wanted a way to enable special days to go ahead with confidence and reached out to Ant Telecom to implement its thermal imaging cameras at wedding venue entrances to ensure a reduction in risk to guests.
With Bijou operating across a range of venues, the cameras will be used to scan guests discreetly as they enter the venues to ensure minimum disruption to the day, and allow full focus to be on the couple’s celebration with families and friends. It comes as part of a range of other initiatives the company is implementing, such as changes to seating arrangements to ensure ample distancing; provision of outdoor ceremonies where possible; new methods of serving food and drink; as well as other adaptations to lower risk.
The temperature monitoring cameras can be set up very quickly and are easy to use. The camera can detect multiple people at the same time, so is suited to scan wedding guests entering the venue.
“We’ve made a range of changes in light of the pandemic to ensure that weddings can continue as planned and we’re pleased to offer couples this extra layer of safety alongside other measures,” said Sam Cutmore-Scott, managing director of Bijou Wedding Venues. “The temperature monitoring cameras allow us to protect all of our guests and staff right from the entrance of the venue. This is one of our key initiatives, and on top of this our exclusive venue model means venues can be completely sanitised between events and essentially acts as a private home for the couple, unlike hotel venues which have other people and staff entering and leaving the site.”
Upon camera detection of a temperature above the guidelines, that guest can be discreetly notified by a nominated person on behalf of the couple and alternative arrangements made, for instance inviting them to watch live streamed footage of the ceremony.
“We’re delighted to support Bijou in enabling couples’ memorable days to continue and take place as close to as expected as possible,” said Klaus Allion, managing director of Ant Telecom. “Our cameras support fast temperature measurement with discreet notifications to ensure minimal disruption and peace of mind for both the couple and guests at the venue, as well as staff. It’s an essential component of hospitality and event management and will help many types of gatherings similar to this take place safely as the fallout from the pandemic continues.”
UK firm Ant Telecom is an automated communications specialist, that enables organisations to protect their employees and business through integrated communications for telephony, lone worker safety, monitoring and emergency alerting. Its portfolio includes IP telephony, cloud, 3G, 4G, LTE, IP-Dect, wifi and digital radio.
Bijou Wedding Venues has five exclusive-use country house wedding venues and a dedicated team of specialist wedding planners with over 20 years of experience to help couples plan their perfect event.