AiDot expands Matter lighting range

  • May 9, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

South Korean company AiDot plans to expand its line of Matter-compatible smart lighting products across multiple sub-brands in its ecosystem.

The Linkind, Orein and Mujoy brands will see Matter-certified devices launched to market, including eight types of smart LED bulbs using wifi, 2.4G or Thread wireless connectivity, two types of smart plugs, and three types of RGBTW/CCT smart filament lamps.

Some smart bulbs were already available, such as the Linkind RGBTW A19 wifi smart bulb on Amazon, and a Matter-certified RGBTBW BR30 wifi smart bulb pre-sold on the AiDot web site and available on Amazon at the end of June.

Through compatibility with Matter, AiDot says it enhances product control and user experience across the smart home ecosystem.

The Matter standard promises reliable, secure connectivity, and that devices will work together seamlessly now and in the future. Matter should create more connections between more objects, simplify development for manufacturers, and improve compatibility for consumer devices, which means Matter-compatible devices from Amazon, Google, SmartThings, Apple or any other company will work together seamlessly.

Compatibility with Matter is important for consumers because they can simultaneously manage and control smart home devices from multiple brands. Matter compatibility can enable various functions such as remote control, voice control, time scheduling, scene linkage and device sharing, thus improving multi-brand devices’ interoperability. These products comply with the security requirements of the Matter protocol and should provide a more reliable experience for users.

When users add Matter-certified devices, the AiDot app will identify Matter devices belonging to the AiDot ecosystem and automatically activate the devices in AiDot IoT PAAS and synchronise the device status after scanning and entering the pairing code to add them. When users add a standard Matter device that is not within the AiDot ecosystem, the device will be controlled via the local LAN Matter protocol, and the panel displayed in the AiDot app will be the Matter universal panel.

With more brands supporting the Matter protocol, users will have more options to control and manage their smart home devices.

The AiDot app is the central part of the platform for controlling all smart home devices installed in a home. No matter where they are, users can control Works with AiDot (WWA) devices in their home, including lights, switches, outlets, cameras, sensors and household appliances, or create scenes and automation around routines.

Users can control any product featuring the WWA label with the AiDot app. Brands that have joined the AiDot ecosystem include Linkind, Orein, Mujoy, Winees, Welov, Syvio, GoGonova and Ganiza.