AI app connects Farnek staff across multiple sites

  • June 19, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

UAE facilities management company Farnek has launched an in-house mobile app with smart AI chatbot to support staff across multiple sites.

Called Farnek Buddy, it raises awareness of welfare initiatives, project communication and online learning, and improves interaction with the personnel department for daily processes.

The bespoke app, which was developed by Farnek’s in-house experts at sister company Hitek, allows the company to connect employees from multiple sites so they can be centrally supported for logistics and training needs, giving project managers a centralised communication platform that connects them with every employee.

It also includes features such as a daily happiness survey, periodic health checks, integrated VoIP calling facility and salary credit notifications. Doctor’s appointments can also be made, employees can join interactive training videos and access digital records to support career development, as well as notes, memos and documents, covering general personnel issues.

The app has a multilingual AI chatbot, so employees can air any grievance or put forward ideas and suggestions to Farnek management. Another feature is the app will integrate with a digital payroll system to help employees send remittances seamlessly to their families abroad.

“Communicating effectively with 8000 employees deployed over many sites throughout the UAE, at any given time, can be challenging,” said Markus Oberlin, Farnek CEO. “Individuals can sometimes feel isolated, especially if they are working in remote locations during unsocial hours. The Farnek Buddy platform keeps them in touch with their colleagues and with their supervisors as well as HR and senior management. Any issues can be dealt with through the chatbot function, improving response times and efficiency.”

Project managers can create working groups specific to certain sites, with updates on shifts, transportation, health and safety and other notices relevant to that team.

Farnek has seen the commercial value of the app as a white label product. It can be adapted to suit any organisation with a large workforce and branded appropriately. The app is being used at Dubai airport, Expo City and Du.

Additionally, the app comes complete with a wake-up alarm to notify staff of upcoming shifts and through a video screen in Farnek Village, Farnek’s AED200m staff accommodation complex. Employees are directed to the correct bus, which will take them to their assignment.

“On a daily basis, there are dozens of buses waiting to pick up staff and finding the right one can be confusing, especially for new employees,” said Oberlin. “Everybody needs a friend from time to time and, with Farnek Buddy, no employee should feel alone or detached from the Farnek family.”