UCloudLink commercialises IoT in Japan

  • August 30, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Hong Kong-based mobile data traffic sharing marketplace UCloudLink has started to commercialise IoT offerings in partnership with Japanese firms Maya Net and NTT Media Supply.

Building upon a successful cooperation since 2020, this has come to fruition with the IoT powered by cloud SIM technology and architecture, helping continue driving digital transformation in Japan’s IoT industry.

Reliable data connectivity has become critically important with the rapid adoption of commercial cloud applications. UCloudLink’s IoT offering powered by cloud SIM technology has been commercially embedded in third-party devices to enrich the NTT’s DoRacoon broadband service suppored by high-tech devices, such as customer premises equipment, wifi routers and world phones, leveraged by cloud SIM technology.

This service aims to let enterprises and individuals obtain the high-quality data connectivity experience and improve connectivity reliability and network capacity.

“UCloudLink has always been driven by a passion to push the boundaries of technological advancements,” said Chaohui Chen, CEO of UCloudLink. “By integrating our state-of-the-art IoT with NTT’s extensive expertise in telecommunications, we are not only enhancing the data connectivity experience but also co-creating transformations. This expanded partnership is a key step forward in our business development efforts in the Japanese market and expands our business into more applications in the IoT industry, contributing recurring value-added services revenue beyond the revenue from data connectivity services.”

Chen said UCloudLink could help mobile network operators, mobile virtual network operators and business partners improve their network coverage and data connectivity quality and elevate their users’ experience during the IoT cloud era.

UCloudLink (www.ucloudlink.com) is a mobile data traffic sharing marketplace that pioneered the sharing economy business model for the telecommunications industry. The company’s products and services deliver value propositions to mobile data users, handset and smart-hardware companies, mobile virtual network operators, and mobile network operators. Leveraging cloud SIM technology and architecture, the company says it has redefined the mobile data connectivity experience by allowing users to gain access to mobile data traffic allowance shared by network operators on its marketplace, while providing reliable connectivity, high speeds and competitive pricing.