Telit Cinterion Low Energy Module for Smart Home

  • September 20, 2023
  • William Payne

Telit Cinterion has announced the WE310K6, a fully integrated, low-power module featuring dual-band, dual-stream Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth/ Bluetooth Low Energy for smart home, energy management and building automation.

The WE310K6 enables device OEMs to add high-speed wireless connectivity quickly and cost-effectively to their products — even when they have limited Bluetooth and Wi-Fi expertise.

The WE310K6 supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax, classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2, giving OEMs the flexibility to design products that can connect to other local devices or to the internet over Wi-Fi. The module is ideal for a variety of consumer and business applications, including:

  • Smart home: home automation, appliances, home security and alarms, smart lighting, and IP cameras and speakers
  • Building automation and energy management
  • Health care and medical: remote patient monitoring, medical wearables, and health care and wellness devices
  • Industrial and commercial: robotics, and industrial automation

Other applications include aftermarket OEM telematics, fleet management, smart cities and parking, printers, asset management, pet and animal trackers.

The Realtek RTL8822BE-CG is an integrated single-chip that supports 2-stream 802.11ac solutions with Multi-user MIMO (Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) and Wireless LAN (WLAN) PCI Express network interface controller and integrated Bluetooth 2.1/3.0/4.2 USB interface controller. It combines a WLAN MAC, a 2T2R capable WLAN baseband, and RF in a single chip. The RTL8822BE-CG provides a solution for a high-performance integrated wireless and Bluetooth device.

The WE310K6 also has IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth SIG certifications and complies with Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG-v5.2 requirements. OEMs can get new products to market faster by reducing RF design time and removing the burden of testing and certification. The module’s other key features and benefits include:

  • Two form factor options: LGA package or on top of an M.2 Key E carrier board
  • Host-activated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios
  • Dual-stream spatial multiplexing up to 1201 Mbps
  • MU-MIMO technology
  • Bluetooth Low Energy AUDIO Isochronous Channel (CIS) support
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11 e, h, k and i
  • Advanced security (including WPA3) with integrated crypto hardware
  • Industrial-grade temperature range (-40 °C to +85 °C) to ensure reliability even in demanding environments

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Telit Cinterion and offer our latest generation Wi-Fi 6 solutions,” said Yee-Wei Huang, Realtek’s Vice President and Spokesman. “The collaboration yields a feature-rich platform with the latest cutting-edge technologies.”

“Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth Low Energy are rapidly becoming must-have features for consumer, enterprise, medical and industrial devices, but OEMs often face challenges in adding those technologies to their products,” said Marco Argenton, VP of Product Management for IoT Modules, Telit Cinterion. “Our new WE310K6 enables them to add low-power quickly and cost-effectively, high-performance connectivity even when they have only limited RF design expertise. That means faster time to market and time to revenue and gives their customers peace of mind that the devices will work flawlessly from day one.”