Tata launches private 5G centre of excellence

  • October 5, 2022
  • William Payne

Tata Communications has launched a dedicated private 5G global centre of excellence in Pune, India to accelerate Industry 4.0 applications. The centre is intended for for testing and trialling private 5G industry use cases. Tata Communications has developed use cases across automotive, metals and mining, airports and seaports, manufacturing, logistics and healthcare sectors.

Tata Communications is planning on demonstrating private 5G use cases such as automated quality inspection of equipment using video and image analytics, inventory management and asset tracking, warehouse theft detection, AR/VR-based remote worker collaboration, and video-powered retail purchase, to name a few. The company has carried out interoperability tests to ensure compatibility of its private network with different devices as well as rigorous monitoring and testing to ensure stable connectivity throughout the test duration at the centre.

Tata Communications already has two centres of excellence in Delhi and Mumbai, India engaged in designing, building and demonstrating multiple IoT use cases. The company has showcased several use cases of smart streetlights, connected workers, smart utility meters for water, gas and energy, asset tracking, and temperature and humidity sensors.

Mysore Madhusudhan, Executive Vice President, Collaboration and Connected Solutions, Tata Communications, said, “5G has the transformative power to be a game changer for all. We are encouraged and excited about leveraging this technology to enable the future of enterprises and economies. Early test results in our Global Centre of Excellence have proved to be very positive providing an evolutionary path towards Industry 4.0 scenarios to varied industries. We believe this Centre is well poised to empower enterprises for a hyperconnected tomorrow.”