Somos partners NetRise to boost IoT security

  • May 1, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson
  • Somos
Sri Ramachandran.

Somos, an expert in identity management, fraud prevention and connected assets, is working with NetRise, a provider of IoT software bill of materials security analysis, to improve security in the IoT device realm.

NetRise provides granular visibility into the world’s extended IoT (XIoT) security problems, encompassing the modern firmware and software component security challenges of IT, OT, IoT and other connected cyber-physical systems.

This collaboration marks a milestone for IoT device registry SomosID, as it spearheads efforts to foster transparency. SomosID gives enterprises a detailed view of their deployed IoT assets, including all device, network and application identity attributes as well as verification of certification of those devices. Somos also maintains detailed hardware and software bill of materials information to give users a current state of all of their assets.

This capability seamlessly integrates with NetRise’s IoT device software analysis, including software bills of materials and vulnerability monitoring. It offers a comprehensive, continuous view of an enterprise’s IoT security posture and risks across all of its assets.

“Somos is thrilled to be able to leverage NetRise’s best-in-class firmware analysis capabilities to meet the striking increase in cyber attacks on IoT devices, as well as the new compliance requirements posed by the global IoT cyber-security regulations, including the Cyber Resilience Act in Europe and regulations by the FDA and FCC in the USA,” said Sri Ramachandran, chief technology officer at Somos. “SomosID embodies a fundamental transformation in how IoT security is approached.”

Thomas Pace, CEO of NetRise (, added: “We are honoured to be selected as a Somos partner and are committed to jointly collaborating to address the risks of connected devices from active exploits for Somos’ customers. We understand the world’s critical need to discover and assess firmware and software components within every connected device, and identify vulnerabilities at the most granular levels. We look forward to a successful partnership with Somos and to providing best-in-class options that will enable them to understand the makeup and risk of devices that are essential to securing their customer’s operations and businesses.”

Somos ( is a source of phone number administration, routing data, identity verification and identity management services for the telecommunications and connected devices ecosystem. XConnect, a Somos company, extends the reach to a global audience through its portfolio of trusted phone number intelligence covering hundreds of different datasets serving the global voice and message ecosystems.