SmartSens video sensor powers IoT devices

  • May 26, 2020
  • imc
CIS – the core component of IoT smart vision systems

Chinese firm SmartSens Technology has launched a low-power video sensor designed to power IoT devices.
The SC210IoT 1080P 30fps sensor has low-light sensitivity, an AEC function to enable fast wake-up from intermittent system operation, and low power consumption optimised for always-on everyday applications.
The integrated AEC function lets the sensor move from power-off or sleep mode to active streaming with a shorter response time, as low as 60 to 70ms, while devices without it still take the time for multiple frames to refresh, often more than 100ms for a stable exposed image. This can be key for applications that collect crucial, timely visual data such as home and commercial surveillance equipment.
To reduce power consumption, it preserves video bandwidth only for when it wakes up and is recording images and videos upon receiving a visual detection. Power consumption is 60mW while standby power is less than 10µW. This will lead to longer battery life for wireless applications, especially for devices with AI designed for detecting objects, motions and activities beyond human eyes.
“The new product launch in our SmartPixel series is geared towards the future of IoT and not the past,” said Chris Yiu, CMO of SmartSens. “SC210IoT is only the beginning of a long line of new sensor products to come. We will be seeing OEMs bring innovative products to accommodate in our modern daily life.”
The sensor is available for sampling immediately and mass production is due next month.
Founded in 2011, SmartSens Technology supplies CMOS imaging systems worldwide. Its products are used in the fields of vehicle-mounted imaging, machine vision and consumer electronics such as sports cameras, drones, robot cleaners and smart home cameras. It has research centres in Shanghai and Beijing.