Skyworks and Sequans enable 5G massive IoT in SiP

  • November 23, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

California-based Skyworks and Sequans Communications have introduced a 5G massive IoT SiP (system-in-package).

The Sky 66431 SiP combines Sequans’ Monarch 2 modem with Skyworks’ RF front-end, creating what is claimed to be the world’s smallest LTE-M and NB-IoT connectivity platform in a single package.

Essential to critical infrastructure, low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) products meet stringent operational requirements for durability, battery lifespan and reliability. Designed to address the increasing demand for form-factor driven cellular LPWAN end points, the Sky 66431 is suitable for utility meters, asset trackers, security and alert systems, and other battery-powered devices such as wearable medical and fleet management. The number of installed LPWAN devices is expected to reach 2.4 billion by 2026.

The integrated multi-band, multi-chip SiP supports 5G massive IoT platforms, offering connectivity with low power consumption. Its native 23dBm front-end module leverages Skyworks’ RF design and packaging expertise that optimises reliability in demanding environments and allows for small footprint designs while maintaining simplified PCB design rules.

With the SiP form factor-enabling miniaturisation and fully encapsulated silver-free conformal shielding, the package enables compact, flexible and robust end-product designs.

It is being certified by a number of industry and regulatory agencies, as well as multiple network operators. This SiP is available now for select users, with general availability expected early next year.

“As modern connected devices evolve, Skyworks’ extensive expertise within this market and advanced packaging technologies allow us to drive improvements in power consumption, size and advanced connectivity features to meet the rigorous performance requirements of our customers,” said Stefan Fulga, senior director of marketing for IoT at Skyworks. “The Sky 66431 SiP enables simplified, yet high performance designs that operate reliably worldwide, accelerating time-to-market for our customers.”

Georges Karam, Sequans CEO, added: “The new Sky 66431 SiP is a compelling IoT connectivity solution. It is a comprehensive, all-in-one platform combining the technologies of two industry leaders who have included all of the critical components needed in one powerful, tiny SiP that is ideal for a wide range of IoT applications, from wearables, including medical devices and trackers, to sophisticated smart utility meters, requiring advanced packaging and capabilities.”

Sequans Communications is a developer and supplier of cellular IoT connectivity products, providing chips and modules for 5G and 4G massive and broadband IoT. Founded in 2003, Sequans is based in Paris, France, with offices in the USA, UK, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Finland, Taiwan, South Korea and China.