Semtech and Oxit seamlessly connect to AWS IoT Core

  • September 6, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

US firms Semtech and Oxit are collaborating to simplify IoT device connectivity with seamless integration to AWS IoT Core.

Semtech is a semiconductor, IoT and cloud connectivity service provider, and Oxit focuses on IoT services. The collaboration should enable device manufacturers to build a single device with the OxTech multi-connectivity module that can connect to both AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk and AWS IoT Core for LoRaWans in the USA, as well as to any LoRaWan outside the USA.

This gives users a single IoT cloud endpoint, AWS IoT Core, on one device with the ability to choose the best network based on coverage and enhanced connectivity regardless of whether using public or private networks. AWS IoT Core lets users connect billions of IoT devices and route trillions of messages to Amazon Web Services (AWS) without managing infrastructure.

“Earlier this year, Semtech announced that the first third-party Amazon Sidewalk products, based on Semtech’s LoRa technology, are now available,” said Tom Mueller, executive vice president at Semtech ( “Semtech’s LoRa technology is recognised as the de facto long-range, low-power wireless technology for smart IoT in many industries, and it is the foundational technology powering the OxTech multi-connectivity module. Being able to use both networks for applications gives diverse network requirements and reliable coverage, opening a breadth of opportunities for applications, including asset tracking, smart home, smart building, smart city and many more.”

With coverage to more than 90% of the US population, Amazon Sidewalk is a long-range, low-bandwidth, community network designed to connect billions of IoT devices securely and seamlessly. Sidewalk uses participating bridges, such as select Echo and Ring devices, to provide cloud connectivity for IoT devices. The cloud endpoint for third-party devices connecting to the Sidewalk network is AWS IoT Core for Sidewalk.

Oxit’s OxTech multi-connectivity module ( connects devices to AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk or LoRaWan and integrates all the hardware and firmware materials that are required. Both integration methods are independent of one another, enabling them to be used separately or in combination, to develop seamlessly with the same hardware for both AWS IoT Core for Amazon Sidewalk and for LoRaWans.

The module is based on the Semtech SX1262 and SiLabs EFR32MG24 chipsets and combined with the Oxit SW stack for both Sidewalk and LoRaWan.

“Original equipment manufacturers wanting to build a single hardware device for both Amazon Sidewalk and AWS IoT Core for LoRaWan are now able to thanks to the OxTech multi-connectivity module,” said Josh Cox, Oxit CEO. “Customers can now not only use the same module for connecting devices to both networks with an integrated network stack, but they can also write their own applications directly on the module, simplifying deployment and speeding time to market.”

Yasser Alsaied, vice president of IoT at AWS, added: “AWS IoT Core offers customers the ability to have a single endpoint for both Amazon Sidewalk and LoRaWans. Customers building based on the OxTech multi-connectivity module can easily onboard the device into AWS IoT Core using either Amazon Sidewalk or LoRaWan without needing to change their application, reducing complexities involved in the integration of multiple networks.”

And Ron Lazarus, COO of New Cosmos (, said: “Every community deserves to be protected with the best and most reliable natural gas leak detection technology available for their home and DeNova Detect delivers on this promise. From our compatibility with the Amazon Sidewalk network to our overall revolutionary sensing technology, we’re introducing the next generation of smart home safety. It builds on our esteemed reputation of having launched the world’s first residential gas alarm more than 60 years ago. We are incredibly proud of our DeNova Detect line, which is based on the OxTech multi-connectivity module and Semtech’s LoRa chipset, and our ongoing commitment to delivering gas leak safety products that protect life and property.”