Saint-Goban partners CITech on IoT projects

  • May 5, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

India’s Cambridge Institute of Technology is working with French multinational corporation Saint-Gobain on IoT, machine-learning and environmental projects.

CITech’s department of computer science and engineering has completed the first phase of a video analytics project with Saint-Gobain. This success gave opportunity for more collaboration on IoT, ML and environmental projects.

Students at the institute have developed a machine-learning model to check whether Saint Gobain employees are wearing safety equipment or not. A frequent cause of casualties in the workplace is failing to wear safety equipment and most of these injuries can be prevented if workers wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

A machine learning model has been developed at CITech using a vision-based approach to analyse images or videos to verify PPE compliance.

“Cambridge Institute of Technology takes immense pleasure in getting the challenging AI and ML project” said Varalatchoumy M, associate professor from the department. “We thank Saint-Gobain’s team – Mr Diwakar and Mr Santhosh – for their continued support.”

Associate professor Jayanthi MG added: “We are enthusiastic to collaborate for various IoT and machine-learning related projects in the near future with Saint-Gobain.”

Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes materials for future wellbeing. The industry tie-up between the CITech and Saint-Gobain opens up vistas to a sustainable future. Santhosh MR, EHS manager for Saint-Gobain in India, said: “We would like to have projects in collaboration with your institution on AI, ML and IoT, from our industry end we would provide the necessary support on the same”

The department has high-end facilities for its journey towards IoT and ML engineering. Nithin Mohan, CEO of Cambridge Group of Institutions, said: “We have been focusing on the latest technologies and inventions. We aim to create a growing environment for students enabling project-based experience in IoT and ML engineering. Saint-Gobain has provided an opportunity to explore our limits. We have completed the phase one of video analytics project and look forward to adding more.”

Over 5000 alumni of CITech are creating an influence on industries. Established under the umbrella of the Umesh Education Trust in 1964, the Cambridge Group of Institutions has built a legacy of holistic education for its students in the four decades of its service to the community.