Quanergy IoT lidar protects tourists in South Korea

  • August 11, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Lidar technology from California-based Quanergy Systems is counting people on a South Korean beach to keep them safe.

The smart 3D lidar technology provides accuracy and real-time IoT data and insights to the tourism industry, replacing a previous camera-based system.

Deployed at the Sinji Myeongsasimni Beach in Wando, South Korea, Quanergy’s M-series lidar sensors paired with Qortex DTC perception software have been installed at major entry points of the famous beach.

Featuring an extended 200m range, each lidar sensor is installed to track a radius of 70m at each entry point, providing complete monitoring for the entire 4km area. The lidar sensors are integrated with the iSaver analytics platform from iCent, which allows users to visualise and interpret collected data on an intuitive dashboard. The 3D data and insights collected from the lidars provide an accurate count of beach visitors to drive tourism strategy and budget planning.

“The lidar replaced a camera-based system that did not provide the accuracy and granularity made possible with lidar-based people counting,” said Gil-Soo Seo, tourism division manager at Wando City. “This new installation helped us eliminate the previous camera-based data collection errors and gather real-time data and new insights systematically to optimise beach operations and keep our tourists safe. We are eager to expand this IoT lidar to optimise other tourist attractions in Korea.”

Lidar enables additional capabilities that the previous camera-based system could not. It protects individual privacy by providing complete anonymous people tracking as it does not capture or store any personally identifiable information. Furthermore, the system provides more reliable accident prevention for the beach with round-the-clock monitoring in any lighting or weather condition.

The lidar sensors track and monitor people entering the area after normal operating hours when no lifeguard is present and trigger the control centre to intervene to prevent accidents.

“We’re excited to be part of the first installation of lidar technology in one of the most famous tourist destinations in South Korea,” said Enzo Signore, CMO at Quanergy, “This is just one example of the power and versatility of 3D lidar-leveraging real-time IoT data and advanced 3D insights to transform the operations of any industry while improving people’s experience and safety.”

In June, Quanergy entered a merger agreement with CITIC Capital Acquisition. Upon closing of the transaction, the combined company will be named Quanergy Systems and is expected to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The transaction is expected to close before the end of the year.

Quanergy Systems’ mission is to create affordable smart lidar for automotive and IoT applications. It has developed a 100% solid state CMOS lidar sensor built on optical phased array technology to enable the mass production of low-cost, reliable 3D lidar. Quanergy products are deployed by more than 350 users across the globe.